About Last Night: Luis Severino

While I realize last night's end result is not what we wanted or what the Yankees needed, there was one very positive thing to come out of the 2-1 loss to Red Sox: Luis Severino. What a performance by the kid. Watching him come out that poised and perform the way he did was pretty amazing. Unfortunately, he ended up on the losing end of the game because his offense was once again baffled by a knuckleballer and could only muster one run for the rookie.

So how did Severino's game breakdown? Get ready for a lot of pictures and colors!

Here's the spray chart (two hits and a costly error by Chase Headley):

export (62)

Here's a heat map of his strike percentage:


Here's his pitch chart (where they landed and what type they were) according to Baseball Savant: Luis  Severino

Here's how the velocity looked in graph form courtesy of Brooks Baseball (Nice mix of speeds): severinospeedpitch85

Here's how his 94 pitches broke down according to Baseball Savant:

chart (7)

FOUR SEAMER: chart (4)

TWO SEAMER: chart (5)

CHANGE: chart (3)

SLIDER: chart (2)

CUTTER: chart (6)

Severino made one big mistake and it unfortunately came off the bat of David Ortiz in the form of a solo shot:


Someone like Ortiz will turn on a ball like this even if it is 96 mph, but the kid showed poise on the mound, kept Boston at two runs and didn't let things get out of hand.

His final line: five innings, two hits, two runs, one earned (Thanks again Headley), no walks, seven strikeouts and the home run.

Fun fact: Severino's the first pitcher in American League history with two hits or fewer, no walks and at least seven strikeouts in his MLB debut. Not too shabby, kid.

[Stats, charts and graphs courtesy of ESPN Stats and Info, Brooks Baseball, and Baseball Savant]