Some feelings on and some facts about the 10-game road trip

[Editor's note: I wrote this piece last night before I went to bed. It may seem redundant after reading Brad's post about the road trip, so I apologize about that because it seems that great minds think alike. Happy Monday! -SG] I'm doing something a little different today, so bear with me.

My feelings on the road trip:

I am very happy right now.

When the road trip began, I said that I would be satisfied with six wins. My reasoning was that the Yankees had been having issues on the road this season, and that you never know how a 10-gamer can affect a team. Particularly when you're playing four of those 10 in the heat of Texas. And guess what? They could have gone 7-3 if not for that walk-off loss in Texas. They should have won that one and let it get away, but everything else? Good stuff.

One of my favorite games from the road trip was the comeback win in Minnesota on the Sunday of the first weekend. You know, the one when Alex Rodriguez decided to go apeshit on Minnesota pitching and hit three home runs in one game? Oh, and the Yankees decided to tease the Twins for eight innings and then crush their hopes and dreams in the ninth inning? Yes, that one. A-Rod got the Yanks into the position to win and Chase Headley and John Ryan Murphy stepped on Minnesota's throat. That's always fun to watch.

The other game I loved, obviously, was the insane 21-5 win in Texas. As it was happening, I couldn't believe it was happening, and the next day when I was watching highlights on ESPN, I still couldn't believe it had happened. It was just so much fun to watch the Yankees hit that much, especially with how the game started. It felt like two different ballgames and to go from an 0-5 deficit to score 21 unanswered points? That's what football teams do, not baseball teams. Fantastic.

I'm also happy for this off-day. I feel like we all need it, in particular, my two friends from Twitter who were with the Yankees for this entire road trip. What a way to spend 10 days!

Facts about the road trip and/or in some cases the whole month of July for some hitters:

Let's talk about a couple of guys who have been playing well of late: Stephen Drew and the already-mentioned Headley.

Drew is almost at .200 (finally) and he nearly hit for the cycle yesterday in Chicago which would have been really freaky because yesterday marked the 6th anniversary of Melky Cabrera's cycle. Not only that, Melky's happened in Chicago and on a Sunday afternoon. But, alas, Drew didn't get it. He got the single, double and triple, but couldn't hit the dinger. Figures.

Here's how Drew has been hitting since July 1: .273/.333/.473/.806 with two home runs.

Here's his spray chart: export (54)

During that same date range (7/1-8/2), Headley is batting, get this: .379/.427/.494/.921.

Here's his spray chart: export (55)

Here's how he's doing from the left side: .333/.385/.450/.835 (60 AB's) trumedia_baseball_heatmap (100)

Here's how he's doing from the right side: .481/.516/.593/1.109 (27 AB's) trumedia_baseball_heatmap100

Yes, that's a smaller sample size but those are insane numbers, and I feel like Headley is doing this quietly because more attention is being paid to Mark Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez, which is probably better for Chase. He can go about his business, hot a ton of singles and let the "big guns" get blinded by the spotlight.

Speaking of Tex, holy cow. That man had himself quite a road trip. He batted .382/.488/.882/1.370 with five home runs and two doubles. In 18 at bats from the left side on the road trip Tex batted .444/.545/1.111/1.657 with four home runs. He batted .313/.421/.625/1.046 in 16 at bats and hit both doubles from the right side.

export (57)

A-Rod had a nice road trip as well batting .333/.476/.758/1.234 with four home runs and two doubles. Oh, and he also turned 40 on the road.

You know who else had a nice road trip? Sir Didi Gregorius. He batted .438/.459/.594/1.053 with a home run and a triple.

export (58)

The Yankees as a team batted .302/.377/.538/.916 on the road trip. Here's what that looks like in spray chart form.

export (56)

Nice, right?

Let's hope their hot hitting continues at home this week when the Red Sox come to town.

Enjoy your Monday!

[Numbers, charts and maps courtesy of ESPN Stats and Info]