Trade Deadline News And Notes: 7/29/15

It's been mostly quiet on the Yankee trade deadline front for the last few days.  They're connected to almost everybody in some capacity, but don't seem to be seriously involved with anybody.  Hopefully there's another behind-the-scenes deal being worked on.  It would be puzzling and disappointing to see the deadline pass without them making at least 1 move.  Here's the latest: - As first reported by Jack Curry, the Yanks designated Chris Capuano earlier today.  That decision was almost surely driven by his abysmal performance last night and the fact that the Yanks have a ton of Triple-A depth arms.  The newest one getting called up tonight is righty Caleb Cotham, and Diego Moreno will get to keep his roster spot after his splendid relief outing.

- The big story from yesterday was the Royals trading for Ben Zobrist.  Zobrist was a known target and would have been a perfect fit for the Yankees' needs, but it doesn't sound like they were ever seriously in contention for him.

- Now the primary second base target appears to be Martin Prado, although there has been little indication the Marlins are actively shopping him.  I don't think Prado is great, but I think he'd be the type of pickup the Yankees would look to make.  Upgrades the infield, adds more defensively flexibility, and can still hit left-handed pitching pretty well.

- David Price is still a hot commodity and Bob Nightengale made him hotter with his report earlier that the Yanks, Dodgers, and Blue Jays are all "poised to have an all-out bidding war of prospects" to land Price.  That looks, sounds, and smells like fake pot stirring to me.  If it's not, I'm OK with it.  Price is the type of difference-making starter the Yankees should be willing to trade their top prospects for if he's available.

- In more realistic rotation upgrade options, the Padres are reportedly "flooding the market" with their starters according to Jayson Stark.  I would have no problem with the Yanks acquiring Shields, Cashner, or Ross if they could do it without giving up any of their top guys, but I expect that would be almost impossible to do.

- And via Jon Heyman, the Yankees said no to the Padres' request for Jorge Mateo as part of the Craig Kimbrel trade negotiations.  Hard to say whether I agree with that or not without knowing the other players involved in the talks.