2015 Draft Update: Kaprielian Signs And More

Tomorrow is the deadline for all 2015 MLB draft picks to sign.  Here's an update on the Yankees' latest signings and a final recap of their haul from this year. - As Jason reported earlier, the Yanks have officially signed 11th round pick Josh Rogers to an above-slot $485,000 bonus plus additional money to complete his college education.  I liked the Rogers pick when it was made and I'm really glad the Yanks were able to sign him.

- As first reported by Jim Callis, the Yankees also agreed to sign their 1st round pick James Kaprielian yesterday.  The final bonus figure was $2.65 million, slightly over slot money for the spot.  Now that we know he's in, it would be awesome to see Kaprielian get a little game action before the MiL seasons end.

- Also signed to above-slot bonuses were 12th round pick Terrance Robertson (170k) and 20th round pick Isiah Gilliam (550k).  Gilliam is already playing in GCL games and has a .400/.450/.500 tripleslash in 25 PA.

- These late signings and above-slot bonuses have put the Yankees well over their spending limit this year (8.553 mil spent compared to 7.885 ml slotted).  The good news is that they fell just short of the overage amount that would have caused them to forfeit their 1st round pick next year.

- Another bit of good news is the total number of players the Yankees were able to sign.  Kaprielian puts them up to 35 players signed out of 41 drafted, which is much better than the average yearly signing haul.  Between that high volume and last year's international spending spree, the farm system will be getting plenty of new blood in the next year.