Report: Refsnyder To Stay With The Big League Club After The All-Star Break

Take this with whatever quantity of salt you desire, but according to John Harper of the Daily News, the Yankees are not planning on sending Rob Refsnyder back down to Triple-A after the All-Star break.  Instead they will keep him up with the Major League club, presumably as their new starting second baseman and bare minimum as part of a second base platoon with Stephen Drew. This report comes on the heels of the Yankee decision makers speaking in vague, non-committal tones about Refsnyder's future over the weekend.  Cash said there were no plans for him beyond last weekend when he was called up, and Joe told reporters after Sunday's game that the team would use the break to discuss options and make a final decision.  If this report is indeed true, then it would appear as though the team liked what they saw from Refs on Saturday and Sunday and are finally coming to the realization that they can't continue to trot Drew out at second base every day.

Of course, this report cites only the always-convenient and NY tabloid-typical unnamed source, and as a noted Tanaka fear monger, this could be nothing more than Harper stirring the pot to get pageviews.  But I'll play along and assume it's true and Refsnyder is sticking around, and in doing so I'll say that this would be a smart move on the Yankees' part.  Did Refs show he needs work defensively?  Yes.  Is there anything we can accurately gather from a 2-game sample size at the plate?  Nope.  But based on what he's shown in the Minors, it's very very likely that he'll be an upgrade there over Drew.  And he can learn plenty defensively by working with Major League players and coaches every day, just as much as he could learn by playing in Triple-A every day.  There's not much to be gained by him staying down there at this point, and more to be gained by calling him up and keeping him up.

This is a decision that helps the Yankees in the short and long term.  Refsnyder taking any chunk of playing time away from Drew gives the team a better chance to win games, which they need to keep as their top priority heading into the final months of the season.  The more he plays, the more he gives the team a chance to evaluate him as an everyday second baseman as well, and if he plays well he could become another young, cheap, team-controlled foundation player for the Yanks as they continue to evolve and get younger.  If this report is true and Refs is sticking around post-ASB, then kudos to the Yankees for finally making the decision.