Home Run Derby Open Thread

Welcome to the Home Run Derby Open Thread! Things are going to be different this year. The derby's now a single-elimination tournament, with three rounds.

Here are the contestants in the order of how they're seeded:

And here's the bracket! (Very exciting stuff!) home-run-derby-bracket-2015.0

Here are all of the details of the new and improved contest:

In each round, the better seed will hit second.


Each of the three rounds will consist of five minutes per batter, per round, with the time starting when the first pitch is thrown. For any home runs hit in the final minute, the clock will stop, and won't start again until the batter either hits a ball that isn't a home run or swings and misses.


Batters are allowed one 45-second timeout per round.


Batters can earn up to 90 seconds of bonus time during each round -- one minute for hitting two home runs at least 420 feet, and 30 seconds for hitting one home run at least 475 feet. The bonus will be awarded at the end of the round, with the clock never stopping during bonus time.


The batter with the most home runs in each round moves on. If the two contestants are tied, they will take part in a 90-second swing-off with no time stoppages. If the round is still tied after the 90-second swing-off, the two batters will alternate three-swing swing-offs until there is a winner.


If the second batter passes the first batter, the round will end regardless of time remaining.

MLB's Statcast™ will provide the official measurements of all of the Derby homers.

As usual, keep the comments respectful and have fun!

UPDATE: There has been severe weather in Cincinnati on and off all day and it looks like the next real threat is around 11pm so they will now have four minute rounds instead of five and no more than a 30 sec bonus for 420 ft (or more) home runs.