Confessions, baseball thoughts, and memories on a well-deserved off day

ryans300thwin I have a confession to make. I barely watched the last seven games. I know, what a terrible baseball blogger I am, but sometimes you get to a point when watching baseball isn't fun anymore and I have been feeling that way for a while. I was able to watch most of last night's game because I was out at a restaurant for a friend's birthday and we had our own giant TV next to the table. Okay, so I was forced to pay attention to it but they won so I didn't mind.

Oh, and I also watched some of the 9-6 game in Houston on Saturday. I happened to be at a graduation party, it was raining most of the day, and the game was on inside the house. I saw the score when it was 6-0, was happy about that, then went inside again later on, saw that it was 6-6 and wasn't very happy. Plus my cousin's fiancé is a Mets fan but one of those annoying ones who always celebrates when something bad happens to the Yankees so he was gloating about Tanaka having a bad game. He's actually lucky I didn't throw my food at him. Thankfully, the Yankees won the game and I didn't have to throw anything at him, food or otherwise.

Mike Trout really is a pain in the ass, isn't he? I really wish he was a Yankee.

Albert Pujols is also annoying.

So is Erick Aybar.

I went to see the Angels play in Anaheim in 2004 when I was a friend's +1 on a business trip, and I got to sit in the dugout suite next to Scott Boras' firm's suite, which is directly behind home plate. It was a lot of fun. So when I was out last night, I was telling my friends about sitting back there and how cool it was to feel like a rich person for an evening. In the sixth inning, they announced that the dessert cart was outside and I looked at my friend and we both asked, "Did he just say dessert tray?" When we went into the hallway, we saw this giant cart filled with cakes, pies, ice cream, cookies, brownies, etc. You name it, it was there. I ended up having a piece of cheesecake, a couple of chocolate chip cookies and I had Bailey's in a chocolate shot cup. That was my favorite thing of the night. Do a shot and then eat the "glass" how cool is that?

I also shook Boras' hand that night. I couldn't really say anything to him because I was extremely intimidated by him, but my friend didn't have a problem going right up to him and thanking him for A-Rod. He laughed and said he didn't really have anything to do with it but she wasn't having it. I just nodded like a fool and he shook my hand. I wish I had a do over on that one. Oh well, you live and learn.

I've never been to Minute Maid Park or to Texas for that matter, but I know plenty of people who have been there. My brother included. He went a couple of years ago and came back with like 12 plastic cups. He enjoys collecting them.

I've only been to the west coast and down the east coast. I have never been to the middle of the country. I'd like to change that at some point because there are a lot of cities and ballparks I'd like to see. My brother said that Kauffman Stadium was very cool.

He's been to a lot of places.

Actually, 25 years ago this summer, my brother and father went on a baseball road trip to Philadelphia, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, both Chicago ballparks, Milwaukee and Minnesota (and I think I'm forgetting a place or two). My dad drove the whole way because my brother was only 12 at the time. And they went to even more ballparks, including Detroit and Toronto, on an even longer trip the following summer.

I didn't go because I was soon-to-be 16 and actually relieved to have some time away from my dad. We butted heads a lot when I was teenager so I was thrilled when they went on both trips. But, at the same time, I was also jealous that my brother got to experience that sort of trip. I had gone on that trip, we would definitely have fought the entire time.

Oh and during the first trip, in 1990, my brother and father were in Milwaukee when Nolan Ryan won his 300th game. They got something to commemorate the win too. I can't remember if they had to send in their ticket stub or what, but they got a certificate saying they were at the game. If dad were alive, I'd ask him because I don't think my brother remembers. [Editor's note: I checked with my brother this morning and nope, he doesn't remember.]

How cool is that though? Fun fact: Ryan threw 146 pitches that game. My arm hurts thinking about it.

Anyway, back to 2015.

If it weren't for that extremely awful start in Miami, Nathan Eovaldi would have pretty solid numbers. He's done well since that terrible night and thank goodness, the offense was able to score more than two runs last night.

I didn't watch any of it, but the Cubs/Mets game last night was apparently one of the worst baseball games ever played - at least according to my Twitter feed. And some of the tweets I was seeing were absolutely hilarious from fans of both teams but especially Mets fans. They are pretty special.

I was amused by how vociferously the fans in Houston were booing Alex Rodriguez. They need to get over themselves. Did you know that you can vote for Alex as Comeback Player of the Year for the ESPYs? I already voted. He won't win, but I love that they included him in the group because I know it probably pisses off a lot of people.

So is this off day welcomed or what? I'm sure the Yankees are thrilled. You know what else is thrilling? Both Jacoby Ellsbury and Andrew Miller are on their way back to the team. Thank goodness.

Yesterday was the 25th anniversary of Andy Hawkins' infamous no-hitter. Poor guy. Could you imagine pitching a no-hitter and losing 4-0? How bad does a team have to be to make that happen? Well, at the time, the Yankees were pretty awful. Remember that if you ever get an urge to compare the 2015 squad to that hapless bunch of guys.

Good Lord.

Enjoy your off day. I know I will.