Quick Hit: Dem Road Hittin' Blues

As cold as they've been in the last week or so, it's been difficult to criticize the Yankee offense this season.  They remain firmly entrenched in the top 5 in MLB in home runs (103), runs scored (365), team slugging percentage (.427) and team wRC+ (107).  Over the full 78-game sample size, the offense has been the most consistent part of this year's team. But if there is a legitimate gripe to have with the O, it's the ever-widening gap between the team's home/road splits.  That's been on full display during this road trip, with the Yankees managing a total of 3 runs in their last 3 games.  As of this morning, the Yankees have a .282/.350/.496 team tripleslash at home, good for an MLB best 130 wRC+.  On the road, however, they're hitting just .233/.300/.369, a slash line that ranks them 19th in baseball with an 87 wRC+.  To put it into a different perspective, the Yankees are basically Jose Abreu at home and Michael Cuddyer on the road.

On an individual level, the splits are even more extreme.  Brian McCann is hitting .337/.417/.673 at home and .211/.268/.320 on the road.  Brett Gardner is .343/.408/.606 at home and .268/.344/.394 on the road.  A-Rod has a 1.043 OPS hitting at YS3 and a .768 away from it.  Mark Teixeira is the only player of significance who hits better on the road than at home (.912 OPS and 11 HR), and the major drop-off in production from his supporting cast easily explains both the team's struggles to put runs up away from home and their sub-.500 road record.

There's the obvious advantage of playing to the short porch in right at The Stadium, and kudos to guys like McCann and Gardner for taking as much of that advantage as they can.  When guys are hitting well, the top half of that lineup is deadly at home and opposing pitchers know it.  But those guys and the team in general needs to find a way to get the bats going on the road.  If they can't score more than 2-3 runs a game away from their comfort zones, they aren't going to win enough games to stay in the playoff race.