Game 71 Recap: Phillies 11, Yankees 6

ny_g_sabathia_b1_400 Are you there Girardi? It's me, Stacey. You guys lost again last night, but you know that because you were in the dugout watching the horror unfold right before your eyes.

I have something to say, and I am a little scared to say it, but I think it is something that you really need to hear.

Please stop pitching CC Sabathia every five days. He is killing this team and it is time to take him out of the rotation. Actually, the time to take him out of the rotation was probably a couple of weeks ago, but I get it, he's your "ace" and you probably feel bad about having to call him into your office to give him the news. If you're worried about doing it, your predecessor Joe Torre, had to do it a few times. Two big examples of former aces who had to be removed from the starting rotation are Mike Mussina and David Cone.

Don't worry about the money. I know the Yankees owe him a lot of money and that pitching in the starting rotation is what CC's paid to do but he can't seem to do it anymore. And also, don't worry about the fact that CC played a big part in the Yankees' past successes of the extremely late aughts and early 10's because it is now 2015 and Sabathia looks like he's completely done. And it is no longer a small sample size. We are now up to hundreds of innings of doneness from him without any glimpse of a turnaround.

And when he has a bad game, it affects the entire team because the bullpen as taxed as it is, always seems to have to come out early when Sabathia starts.

He can't throw as hard as he used to and he can't adjust to life without a plus fastball because his command, while good, wasn't in the same class as other ace pitchers. His decline, for lack of a better word, sucks, and it is not fun to watch but it happens to the best of them. And unfortunately for CC, it's happening a little sooner than we all anticipated. So, for the love of God, and for the sake of the little hair I have left on my head, Girardi, please take Sabathia out of the rotation.

Thank you.

Last night's game was awful and here's why:

  • Sabathia's outing: 4 2/3 innings, eight hits, six runs (all earned), two walks, four strike outs and he gave up two home runs.
  • Allowing 11 runs to the Phillies and losing two games in a row to them. They're awful and it is embarrassing to lose a game to them, forget two. That's 'going somewhere naked when everyone has clothes on' embarrassing. The Yankees should feel really terrible about it.
  • Like throwing things awful. I want some broken chairs. No broken limbs though. Let's not Kevin Brown ourselves into a DL stint.
  • Who the hell is Maikel Franco and why can't any of the Yankees' pitchers get him out?
  • Seriously though, 11 runs? Come on.
  • The Yankees had chances to pull ahead, didn't, and then everything fell apart in the ninth inning.
  • Of course, home plate ump Jeff Kellogg's dreadful ninth inning strike zone didn't help much. I realize there are plenty of them with jobs and they're all working MLB games, but at least try to avoid giving up run scoring doubles to some dude no one's heard of until this series.
  • Well, Phillies fans know him.

Why did I agree to do this recap? I could have gone to sleep early instead of being aggravated by the Yankees doing their typical win a bunch of games, lose a bunch of games in annoying fashion routine.

And to the Phillies?? Bleh.

Again. CC needs to be removed from the rotation. He needs to call up Andy Pettitte, get some tips, and he needs to figure out how to pitch now that he can't dial it up to 95+ anymore. And I know it's sad to see this sort of thing happen - it's never fun to watch someone who used to be so dominant be so predictably dreadful - but the Yankees just cannot afford to have him in the rotation anymore. They really can't. He's its biggest problem and it's not even close.