Lunchtime news and notes: 6/18/15

Here's some news and notes for you to peruse during your lunch break.

  • MLB and the Players' association has "stopped the clock" on the deadline for Alex Rodriguez to file his grievance against the Yankees for not paying him $6M after he hit home run #660. It will be on hold as long as the two sides are in agreement of not doing anything about it, I guess.
  • Speaking of Alex, he's now only three hits away from 3,000 and he's relaxed.
  • Nathan Eovaldi is getting the ball this Saturday while Masahiro Tanaka will get an extra day of rest and start on Sunday. I'm going on Saturday so Eovaldi better not only last 2/3 inning again. Because it's all about me. Of course.
  • Derek Jeter is investing in an anti-bullying app called Stop!t. It has been implemented in more than 100 school nationwide so far to prevent cyber-bullying. Here's more info on the app and the company.
  • Major League Baseball is having an event at Heritage Field today, across from Yankee Stadium as part of its youth initiative push. Commissioner Rob Manfred will be in attendance, some Marlins players and some Yankees players, including A-Rod. Yes, it's possible that Manfred and Rodriguez will actually be in the same place, probably shaking hands and posing for pictures. It's a crazy time, folks.

Enjoy your afternoon.