Quick Hit: Are The Yanks Going To Use A Sixth Starter Or Not?

With another "20 games in 20 days" stretch underway and a pitching staff that's a coin flip at best right now, the Yankees have reportedly been kicking around the idea of going with a 6-man rotation for a turn or 2 as a way to manage workloads and give everybody enough rest.  It's really not a bad idea and something Matt discussed on this very site last week.  All things considered, I could live with a 6-man rotation plan for the short term. What I can't live with, and what doesn't make me feel good about the possibility, is how the Yankees are going about it.  Or rather, how they're not going about it since there's no real plan in place.  Chad Jennings had a quote from Joe in his pregame notes yesterday, and what Joe had to say really didn't give me a warm, fuzzy feeling:

“We’re playing with some ideas, so I don’t have anything for you yet. Is there a possibility we’ll give everybody a sixth day? Yes. I just don’t have it. We haven’t come to a conclusion yet. We’re still talking about it because we still have time.”

Huh?  There's a possibility but you just don't have it?  You're "playing with some ideas"?  What the hell does that mean?  About the only thing in that statement that makes sense to me is the last part about still having time.  That's a statement of fact.  This weekend seems like the time frame being considered for inserting a 6th starter, so Joe is correct that he and whoever else is involved in making this decision do have some time to make it.

But if we're talking about this weekend, that's only a few days away.  To me, that's not the time to be playing with ideas and talking about them in vague half-statements.  That's the time to have the plan and the contingency plan in place so that all the players involved and affected can start preparing.  Adding a 6th starter shouldn't be something you sleep on Friday night and then wake up Saturday and do.  It's something that needs to be planned out and thought through, and the way Joe talks about the decision-making process doesn't paint that picture.  It calls back to some of the shortsighted roster decisions that have hampered the team over the past few seasons.

Of course, this could very well be the Yankees playing coy and not wanting to tip their hand, and that's fine.  I'm sure I'm just over-thinking it from my armchair and reading too deeply into things that aren't there.  But on the off-chance I'm not and this is really where the Yankees are at in their plan to implement a 6th starter, that would be very disconcerting.