About Last Night: The pitch of doom and other sad pictures

Last night's loss was extremely irritating. I usually try not to let games like this bother me but I wanted to put my fist through the TV. Your starter goes seven innings, gives up two runs and all you can muster is three hits? Oh okay, the Marlins did make some stellar defensive plays that robbed the Yankees of a few hits so it's a good thing Mark Teixeira had the good sense to hit a ball 429 feet so a Marlins player couldn't get to it or this game would have been even more annoying.

Anyway, here's the pitch that doomed the Yankees last night. (They were probably going to lose because if the Marlins hadn't scored in the seventh, they would have scored eventually.)

trumedia_baseball_heatmap (75)

Tanaka: "Here's a 92 mph meatball, I mean, fastball over the plate! See what you can do with it!" Derek Dietrich: "Hey, thanks man!" *BOOM*

Dietrich also scored the first run against Tanaka in the second after hitting a double and scoring on a base hit. What a pain in the butt he is.

Dietrich connected on a 92 mph fastball: trumedia_baseball_heatmap (77)

And Adeiny Hechavarria hit an 88 mph slider: trumedia_baseball_heatmap (78)

Here are the Yankees three hits: export (27)

"Three hits? That's all we got, three goddamn hits?" "You can't say goddamn on the air." "Don't worry. Nobody's listening anyway."

Here's Tex's HR, the lone bright spot last night: trumedia_baseball_heatmap (76)

It's a bit disheartening because you expect the Yankees to win Tanaka's starts and they were just bad last night. After being shut down by Tom Koehler, who I hadn't even heard of before last night, and the defense behind him and to the side(s) of him, they couldn't even muster a hit against the two relievers the Marlins sent out - Carter Capps and A.J. Ramos. Well, okay, Ramos is actually doing really well this season - he has nine saves, has thrown 31 2/3 innings and has struck out 42 batters - so you wouldn't expect the Yankees to do much of anything against him.

Let's hope he doesn't have a reason to be in tonight's game.

Let's also hope Nathan Eovaldi can remem-- Oh never mind. I was going to say, let's hope Eovaldi remembers how to pitch in Marlins Park but I just looked up his splits on Baseball Reference and he was 3-6 there last year.


Enjoy your morning.

[Heat maps and spray chart courtesy of ESPN Stats and Info]