Quick Hit: Yanks Trade David Carpenter To The Nats

I guess the Nationals are the new dumping ground for relievers the Yankees don't want anymore.  As just announced by the team, they have traded Carpenter, who was DFA'd last week, to the Nats for Double-A second baseman Tony Renda.

Carpenter was bad in his short Yankee stint, no other way to say it.  4.82/.5.31/4.72 trip slash in 18.2 innings over 22 appearances.  The Nats have some holes in their bullpen right now as well, and they have plenty of experience Carpenter from his time in the NL East.  They must think they can fix whatever's wrong with him.

Renda is a 24-year-old, righty hitter and thrower, and was Washington's 2nd round pick in the 2012 draft.  He's hitting .267/.333/.340 in Double-A this year and is a career .288/.366/.365 hitter in over 1,600 MiL plate appearances spread across 4 levels.

The Yanks had no use for Carpenter anymore, so I guess it's good that they were able to get something for him.  I don't expect much from Renda as far as future Major League potential, but I also admittedly don't know much about him.  This move puts a period at the end of the David Carpenter Era in pinstripes.