Unsystematic ramblings after a three-game sweep

First, I'd like to offer my apologies to our very own Kenny Ducey who was extremely positive leading into the previous five games - all Yankee victories - while I was convinced his overly positive post would jinx them and that they'd go into a tailspin. I'm wacky that way. I can't help myself.

So how about those previous five games, huh? Heck, let's talk about the King Felix game again too! Six wins in a row is nice after losing three out of four to the A's who were swept out of Fenway Park thanks to a total meltdown in the eighth inning of yesterday's game. Can you imagine going into an inning with a 4-0 lead and coming out with a 7-4 deficit? Well, that happened to the poor A's.

The Yankees know all about bullpen meltdowns. Friday night's adventures in the ninth inning were fun, weren't they? About as fun as sliding down a razor blade into a vat of rubbing alcohol. I'm just glad Saturday's and Sunday's games weren't as eventful as Friday night's game.

But let's talk about CC Sabathia.

CC, I'm sorry I was so mean to you. And yes, I know that CC doesn't stand for Crap Crap even though I like to call you that from time to time. I'm also sorry that I assumed yesterday's game was going to be a blowout because you gave up those back-to-back homers to Trout and Pujols but honestly, can you blame me? Your track record this season isn't exactly great, but you held your own, got out of some jams and your changeup was sexy as all get out yesterday. Nice job.

Can you believe this? I'm writing as if Sabathia would even read this.

If he were reading this, I'd also tell him that I don't blame him for flipping out on home plate ump Dan Bellino.

  1. His strike zone was awful.
  2. He probably shouldn't have provoked CC.
  3. If I saw someone as big as CC heading my way, I'd run like the wind.

And my goodness, Joe Girardi hopping the fence was pretty awesome. If I attempted that maneuver, I'd definitely get a foot caught and end up badly spraining or possibly breaking something because I'm a klutz.

I was very happy for Jose Pirela yesterday. Hitting your first big league home run must be so exciting. I was also very happy that A-Rod provided us with these pictures. (He's such a goofball.)




Alex would not let go of Jose which was amusing and sort of strange but then again, we're talking about the guy who used to run around chasing helmets after walk off home runs. (Seriously, if you want to see a ridiculously silly Alex helmet moment, watch the Marcus Thames walk off from 5/17/10 against the Red Sox.)

Oh, right, speaking of A-Rod, that was a nice game he had on Friday. I'm glad the bullpen didn't ruin it for him.

3,000 hits is right around the corner but unless he explodes and goes 4 for 5 and 5 for 5 in the games against the Nationals, he won't be doing it at home which makes me a little sad. Fans on the road won't appreciate his milestone as much as Yankee fans will.

I also hope 3,000 is a base hit and not a home run because if the person who catches it does the same thing the guy in Boston did with #660, it won't be very nice. Whatever happened with that dipstick anyway? Did he ever blow up the ball on YouTube?

Did anyone else get as upset as I did after hearing about the woman getting hit with the bat in Fenway? I was sick to my stomach. I'm glad she's going to make it but the fact that she had life threatening injuries should be a wake up call for some people in baseball.

Or not, this piece, by Ken Rosenthal and posted yesterday says:

The players, in each of the last two rounds of collective bargaining, proposed that protective netting extend down the foul lines and even to the foul poles, according to major-league sources.


The owners, however, rejected the proposals for the 2007 and 2012 labor agreements, citing concerns that additional netting would detract from the experience of ticket buyers in certain premium seats, sources said.

Of course, because God forbid rich people are inconvenienced. Poor dears. But sure, let's wait until someone actually dies before making a change. Good idea, baseball.

I didn't watch any video from the incident but from what I read, people were saying that they couldn't get her screams out of their heads. And I think someone said you could hear it on the radio broadcast as everything was happening and that she was shrieking in pain as she was being removed on the stretcher. How scary. And her poor child having to see that and then not know what exactly is happening. It's just an awful situation all around but again, I'm glad it looks like she is going to be okay. And again, baseball needs to do something.

And I don't want to hear, "She should have been paying attention." She could have been paying attention and it happened so fast that she couldn't move out of the way fast enough. I saw so much victim blaming on Facebook and it really angered me. And it was from people who weren't even there and who just assumed that she wasn't paying attention.

Would you say a pitcher who gets hit with a come backer isn't paying attention? A broken bat is basically a projectile for the love of God. She's lucky she didn't lose her left eye. (I really hope that hasn't happened, they're being a little evasive about the exact injuries she has and from the pictures I saw, her left eye was affected.)

Getting back to the Yankees, they're off again today - they were off this past Thursday too, they play two against the Nats and then are off again this Thursday. I feel like I say this every week, and I'm sure you're sick of me saying it, but who the hell came up with this schedule? It's absurd.

Anyway, enough rambling from me. Leave your favorite moments from this weekend's series in the comment below and let's discuss how great everything is for the Yankees right now because I'm sure a week from now, we'll be bitching about something.

Enjoy your Monday!