Report: The Yankees are awful at social media engagement

In news that won't shock anyone who regularly uses Twitter, the Yankees' account is really bad at engaging with their fans. Sean Dolinar of Fangraphs wrote about how MLB teams interacted with their fans on Twitter in the off-season for his debut piece this winter and this time, he took a look at how the accounts performed in May.

While the Yankees were average at putting out content from their Twitter account (300-500 tweets is average and they came in at 359), they were terrible at interacting with their fans.

How terrible? The Yankees came in last with only three interactions.

The Chicago Cubs came in first with, get this, 2,789 interactions or engagements.

Courtesy of Fangraphs

And yes, the Cubs' number is really high - they're ahead of second place Seattle by nearly 800 tweets - and the Yankees' twitter account doesn't need to interact with everyone that sends them a tweet or a reply but, my goodness, it's called social media for a reason and it shouldn't be so one-sided.

But, hey, at least the account is acknowledging that Alex Rodriguez exists now.

Baby steps, I guess.