The Yankees and their terrible, horrible, no good, very bad May

This is the story about the Yankees and their terrible, horrible, no good, very bad May - in pictures and in numbers. Record: 13-16 (6-4 at home, 7-12 on the road and putrid 5-13 in their last 18)

119 runs scored 134 runs allowed

They ended May losing three out of four to the worst team in the American League and were shutout in the final game of the month.

Overall, the team batted .249/.309/.401/.710 with a 17.5% K rate and a 7.2% BB rate in 989 total at bats in May.

They batted .255/.319/.404/.723 from the left side. trumedia_baseball_heatmap (57)

They batted .234/.284/.395/.679 from the right side. trumedia_baseball_heatmap (56)

They batted .269/.341/.487/.828 at home. trumedia_baseball_heatmap (58)

They batted .239/.292/.358/.649 on the road. trumedia_baseball_heatmap (59)

May's best hitter (with over 75 at bats): Alex Rodriguez .316/.369/.571/.941 export (16)

May's worst hitter (with over 75 at bats): Stephen Drew .143/.188/.220/.407 export (17)

Carlos Beltran had himself a nice month batting .298/.316/.500/.816, both Mark Teixeira and Brian McCann matched A-Rod's monthly home run number with six. Beltran had four.

Here's how the Yankees batters fared against specific pitches:

  • Fastball: .279/.347/.463/.810
  • Changeup: .237/.279/.403/.682
  • Curveball: .123/.145/.198/.342
  • Slider: .223/.277/.358/.635
  • Cutter: .289/.325/.368/.693
  • Sinker: .212/.278/.242/.520
  • Splitter: .600/.600/.600/1.200 (Only five at bats)
  • Knuckleball: .136/.208/.227/.436

May's best starter by ERA (I know, I know): Michael Pineda 3.00. He gave up 35 hits, 14 runs, and 11 earned runs. He also gave up four home runs, struck out 35 and walked only three batters.

May's worst starter by ERA: CC Sabathia 5.45. He gave up 43 hits, 22 runs, and 21 earned runs. He also gave up six home runs, struck out 29 and walked eight batters.

May's best reliever (over 10 innings pitched) was Dellin Betances (0.00 ERA/25 K/4 BB) and the worst was Esmil Rogers (7.47 ERA/13 K/10 BB).

The pitching staff as a whole had a 4.39 ERA and they gave up 260 hits in 250 2/3 innings pitched. Here's how that looks in spray chart form: export (18)

Geez, that's a lot of hits.

So what do we have to look forward to in June?

Well, the Yankees are at home 13 times and play 14 games on the road (Seriously, who made the 2015 schedule?) They'll be playing the Angels, Nationals, Marlins, Tigers and Phillies at home, while starting off the month on the road in Seattle with trips to Baltimore, Miami (they're playing a home and home against the Marlins), Houston and Anaheim.

We have the return of Masahiro Tanaka to look forward to as well as Ivan Nova, who may be back in June. Hopefully, Jacoby Ellsbury will be back because the lineup needs him badly.

We could also be witnessing history in June with A-Rod only 15 hits away from 3,000.

[Numbers and images courtesy of ESPN Stats and Info and Fangraphs]