About Last Night: One bad pitch

Last night's game against Oakland was frustrating for a few reasons. 1) The A's aren't good (And I can already hear people saying, "Well, the Yankees aren't good either!!" Just save it. The A's are 18-32. That's really bad.) 2) They were 2-15 in one run games going into last night's game and now they're 3-15. Thanks a lot, CC Sabathia and David Carpenter! 3) We had to stay up late to watch the sixth and seventh innings unfold. At least when it's an east coast game or a home game, we're not up past midnight.

In my opinion, and we can argue about this in the comment's section if you'd like, nothing is more annoying than watching a pitcher throw a meatball to a hitter that results in a two-run, game-tying home run. Especially when that home run comes after a big strikeout and there's a possiblity of getting out of the inning unscathed.

Here's the 83 m.p.h. changeup CC Sabathia threw to Brett Lawrie.

trumedia_baseball_heatmap (54)


And CC was doing okay up to that point. Sure, he had some scary moments, but he was able to get out of them and it looked like he'd come away with a chance to win the game, and then that pitch happened.

He also gave up a wallscraper home run to Billy Burns earlier in the game to cut the Yankees' lead to 3-1. That one was on a 78 mph slider.

trumedia_baseball_heatmap (55)

Sabathia is now 2-7 on the year.