Thursday Afternoon News and Notes: 5/28/15

Sabathia vs DET Things are kind of slow around here so we're doing a news and notes post to hold us over until the game thread later on tonight. Stupid west coast games.

  • Nice! I had suggested this on Twitter last week and I also think I did earlier in the season or possibly during Spring Training: Andy Pettitte is in contact with CC Sabathia and helping him with his confidence. Can Andy hang out with the team during the summer and talk CC's ear off?
  • The AL East is putrid and Bill Madden thinks the Yankees have plenty of time to be the best of the worst which is funny because in July 2009, when the Yankees were only 2 or 3 games out of the division lead, he declared they didn't have a chance to win the East.
  • Alex Rodriguez is amazing and he's a leader. How hard was this to write? Poor Andrew Marchand. Kidding!
  • A-Rod and Mark Teixeira are leading the Yankees right now. Who would have guessed it?!
  • The Yankees aren't sure when Masahiro Tanaka will pitch next. Hmmm, maybe figure that out at some point soon?
  • I can't believe this happened but an article by Bob Klapisch didn't make me want to bash my head into a wall. It's a miracle in late May!
  • And just in case you missed this insanity yesterday, Buster Olney thinks A-Rod should be the Marlins' next manager. Obviously there are a lot of problems and roadblocks that would prevent it from happening anytime soon BUT he is right about one thing, Alex would probably make a great addition to a coaching staff somewhere after he's done as a player.
  • In non-Yankee related news, Rick Porcello is not making Red Sox Nation very happy right now.
  • The Oakland A's are 2-15 in one run games. Baseball Nation's Grant Brisbee takes us through their struggles.
  • Hopefully the Yankees won't help them out this weekend.
  • One final note: Player A is hitting: .276/.374/566 11 HR 26 RBI and Player B: .216/.303/.377 6 HR 18 RBI. Who are they? Leave your answers below.