Musings after a sweep and before a West Coast trip

So that was series against the Royals was something, right? After the way the Yankees were embarrassed by the Texas Rangers this past weekend, I was almost positive that the Royals would wipe the floor with them. I usually don't like being wrong but I was so glad to be wrong this time.

What a fun three games to watch. There weren't really any stressful or upsetting moments. The Yankees took the lead in the first two games and even in yesterday's game, with Pineda on the mound, you felt that if he held the Royals to the one run, the Yankees could claw their way back into the game. Okay, that's a bit hyperbolic. Overcoming a one-run lead isn't that hard to do, usually. And who was the guy to give the Yankees the lead and ultimately the win? Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez who is now only 19 hits away from 3,000.

His performance so far this season must be driving certain New York area writers completely bonkers. They probably loathe having to write positive pieces on Alex. I, for one, am enjoying every minute of this. I really wish people would vote for him to be the starting DH at the All-Star game because that would make a lot of heads explode. I saw some results yesterday and even though Alex is not in the lead, he is ahead of David Ortiz. Yeah, suck it, Big Papi.


So the Yankees are embarking on their first west coast trip of the year. They'll be in Oakland for four games and Seattle for three. Oakland is having a tough season so naturally, the Yankees will have a problem there. I'm thinking a split.

Seattle nearly blew a tough game on Tuesday against the Rays. Fernando Rodney coughed up a 6-3 lead and the game went into extra innings. The Mariners prevailed when Kyle Seager hit a home run to put them up 7-6. And then yesterday, there was a pitcher's duel between King Felix and Chris Archer, but as soon as Archer came out of the game - he was up above 90 pitches I believe - Nelson Cruz hit a home run. Oops.

Speaking of Nelson Cruz. Isn't it funny how people never mention steroids when they talk about him? Yeah. Amazing how that works.

Robinson Cano is batting .253/.296/.333/.630 and has one home run. That's not a typo. He hit his only home run on April 14 on a 79 mph curveball from David Huff. He's averaging a home run every 186 at bats at this rate.

I just totally jinxed the Yankee pitchers. Cano is now going to have a Prince Fielder-esque series against them. I'm so sorry.

Oh, my cousin went to yesterday's game and Chase Headley hit her with a foul ball in the seventh inning. (You can fast forward to the :40 mark. Sorry for my big mouth.)

The funny thing about that is she wanted me to go to the game with her. If I had, I could have been the one who got hit with a Headley foul ball. I always miss the good stuff.

15 years ago tonight, I attended a Red Sox-Yankees game. It was a Sunday Night game (of course) and the starting pitchers were Roger Clemens and Pedro Martinez. It was a pitcher's duel and the Red Sox ended up winning because Trot Nixon hit a two-run home run in the top of the ninth off Clemens. That was an annoying game.

Fun fact: The Yankees had four hits off Pedro that night. Derek Jeter had three of them. Ricky Ledee was the other one. Pedro hit two batters - Jorge Posada and Chuck Knoblauch.

Another fun fact: The number one song 15 years ago today was "Maria Maria" by Santana featuring The Product G&B. It was number one for 10 weeks.

I went to the game the following afternoon. Andy Pettitte pitched a complete game and beat Oakland.

Those were the days.