Quick hit: Severino promoted to Triple A

So this happened:

And within two seconds of this tweet going up, I saw it retweeted four times and nearly everyone who retweeted said, "Woo!"

In case you're not familiar with the 21 year-old right hander, here's how Severino's been doing so far this season:


More info on Severino:

  • He has three pitches. His two strongest are his fastball and his changeup. There's also a nice gap in velocity between the fastball and change which flummoxes some hitters. His third, and weakest pitch, according to scouts, is his slider. It's not as consistent as his fastball or his change and it tends to get him into trouble when it's not working.
  • Another thing scouts seem to worry about with Severino is his size. 6'0" and 195 is pretty big but Severino appears smaller (skinnier) than that and they often wonder if his body type would hold up after a full season of 200+ innings.
  • A lot of people have high hopes for him though and he's enjoyed a fairly rapid ascend through the ranks.
  • Severino struck out a career-high nine batters in five innings in a 9-3 win over Akron on Tuesday. And even though it was Severino's first win since April 19, he's been pitching better than his 2-2 record.
  • It will be exciting to see what Severino does at AAA.