This Year's Yankees Already Mastering The Art of Being Consistently Inconsistent

It's only the last week of May and already this has been quite the season for the New York Yankees.  Barely a step or 2 past the quarter pole and it already feels like we've experienced multiple seasons in one.  The Yankees started off 3-6 in their first few weeks, then rattled off a white hot 18-6 stretch into early May to ascend to the top of the American League, and followed that up with an ongoing 2-10 run that has dropped them back to .500 and started many fans and writers scrambling for the towers to wave the white flags. More important than the streakiness itself has been the way the Yankees have looked like completely different teams during the respective streaks.  They looked sluggish and old to start the year 3-6, showing little on offense and getting inconsistent starting pitching at best.  When they were 18-6 they were a lethal combination of speed at the top of the order and power in the middle with a lockdown bullpen preserving a lot of close wins.  Lately they've reverted back to the offensive woes of 2013-2014, failing to put hits together or generate any real threats for long stretches.  The bullpen has also completely imploded as the rotation continues to struggle to find consistency.

Consistency.  It's a word that gets overused and overvalued at times in today's sports media world, but there is something to be said for being consistent and if you were going to describe the 2015 Yankees thus far you certainly wouldn't call them consistent.  It's been a lot of all or nothing for this group over the first 45 games, talking game by game, series by series, or week by week.  Just when you think you've got a sense of who this club really is, they go in a completely different direction and make you question everything you had been watching.

Take yesterday's game for example.  Yankees were coming in losers of 6 straight and 10 of 11, playing as bad a brand of baseball as you'd ever want to see as a fan.  The Royals were the best team in the AL with the best run differential in the AL.  It felt like lambs being led to slaughter and what happens?  The Yanks hit 4 home runs and score 11 runs before KC even gets 4 outs.  People like to poke fun at John Sterling for his "ya can't predict baseball, Suzyn" line, but sometimes that's the most apropos way to describe something that happens in the game and yesterday was one of those times.  If you were saying you expected the Yankees to do that yesterday and win that game in blowout fashion, you're either a straight up liar or you have some kind of gift.

And now what does yesterday mean for the rest of this week and the start of June?  Impossible to say based on what the Yankees have shown us so far.  Yesterday could have been the bats all finally shaking off the icicles for good at the same time or it could have been the team getting lucky and catching Jeremy Guthrie at the peak of his suck.  It could have been the start of something really good or it could have been a 1-time anomaly and really nothing at all.  If I've learned anything from the 2015 season, it's been to never expect anything from the Yankees but to be ready for everything.  They can look like the best team on the planet one day and a sub-.500 Double-A team the next.  You may be able to predict some things in baseball, but the Yankees' consistent inconsistency has made it impossible to predict them.