As Gardner and Ellsbury go, so go the Yanks (or: Crap, Ellsbury hit the DL)

One of my favorite things about this site and the staff here is the off-site chatter amongst all of us that takes place over the course of every day. We talk baseball. We loudly bemoan really bad, hackneyed, trite, ad hominem attacks on players by the MSM, and laugh about silly Twitter spats. We talk about non-work stuff and provide a measure of support for one another when life gets in the way of baseball/writing (we're all mourning the loss of Stacey's best buddy, her cat Jack, who had to be put to sleep last night). I haven't written much in the last few years due to work, but I'm here in the background every day, reading everything we (and you) write. Fun stuff, really. This morning, William asked/challenged the following: What's the Yanks record when Jacoby Ellsbury and Brett Gardner get on base (H/BB/HBP) a combined 4 or more times in a game? That's a fine question, William, particularly because we all know how good these two have been so far this year and we're losing Ellsbury to the DL (did you know he's in the midst of a $153M contract?!? /snark).

The short answer is, the Yanks could be in for a rough few weeks...With the infield pretty much not producing much as we mentioned the other day a few times, any (further) cool-down from Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira could really spin this team back towards .500 in a hurry.

Because I love charts and graphs as a way to easily depict data, this should be easy enough to grasp:

IMG_2756 Yes, the Yanks are 12-1 when Gardner/Ellsbury are on base a lot. They are 7-12 when they are not. And Ellsbury is now on the DL.

Keep in mind this chart only includes games where the combined times on base (hit, BB, HPB) for Gardner and Ellsbury together. It excludes the one game where Gardner did it when Ellsbury wasn't playing (the team lost).

Caveat: I'm sure we could create a similar chart for other players and other teams, but the freshness of the Ellsbury DL situation and the painfully obvious split shown above was too interesting not to share.

[all data courtesy of our friends at and their play index]