Fun with charts?

There's an obvious lack of enthusiasm we all seem to be sharing with nearly the entire infield (thanks for not being terrible, Mark Teixeira) after six weeks [looking squarely at you, Stephen Drew and Chase Headley, and of course, Didi Gregorius]. Earlier today, Brad, Matt, and Stacey pointed out the failings of Drew (here), Headley (here), and the rest (here) so that spurred me to go take a peek at the oWAR from for all American League players who have played at least 10 games this season at 3B/SS/2B. Below is the chart of all such players, with the Yanks' starters (and Gregorio Petit for kicks) highlighted.

Ladies and gentlemen, your 2015 New York Yankees infield (or at least 75% of it):


Now I'm no SABR-magician like Michael Kay thinks Stacey is, but just using the old fashioned eyeball test, this ain't good.

I hold some irrational faith in Headley, as at least he's manning 3B quite well. The numbers say Drew is doing capably at 2B defensively, but he's adding nothing with the bat. Yawn. Not impressed. Spare me the "bad luck". After this long (not just 2015), I am dropping the "luck" part of that description and just going with "bad". We knew Didi couldn't hit so at least there's that lack of surprise. And Petit shouldn't even be in any discussion, but given that he's played over 10 games, we can all agree that he's no Luis Sojo, can't we?

Can you believe we're relying on the old guys (Teix and Alex Rodriguez), plus Brett Gardner and Jacoby Ellsbury?