Thoughts after a bad series in Tampa (and a story about Michael Kay)

Let's get ready to rumble! I'm going to do this week's installment of the random thoughts post slightly different. Instead of bullet points, I'm writing blurbs and/or sentences. And it's not completely random. There's a long story thrown in there.



Okay, so that series should have and could have been better. If you start off two games with 2-0 leads, you should probably win both games. But the Yankees didn't do that and now, not only did they lose three out of four to Tampa but poor Chase Whitley probably wrecked his elbow because he was trying to pitch through an injury. Kids, that is never a good idea.

The series was a sh*tshow.


Okay, it ran into the kitchen and I took that as my cue to run upstairs. Now I won't go back downstairs for at least three days which is bad because that's where the food is. I also left my laptop charger down there as well.


What I was going to say before I was rudely interrupted by that thing was that the only positive from the series at the Slop was that some of the guys in the bullpen got some rest.

Story time!

So I got into a little tiff with Michael Kay on Twitter last night. I know, what? The most amusing thing about the whole kerfuffle is that he tried to blame me for something he actually said that I was questioning.

In case you didn't know or in case you're not on Twitter, Kay will sometimes sit and answer tweets from viewers/listeners for what seems like hours at a time - I guess he was bored last night because he wasn't in Tampa calling the game. Anyway, someone criticized him about something he said in reference to the New York Rangers during his radio show. He basically said that if a team wins a game 2-1, it's obvious the winning team's goalie outplayed the losing team's goalie. He then applied that same logic to baseball saying that if there's a pitcher's duel and the score is 2-1, it's obvious the winning pitcher out pitched the losing pitcher.

I jokingly said that someone needed to get Kay off Twitter. I meant because of some of the things he was saying, that particular tweet included, and he accused me of trying to silence him.

Here's my tweet:

Notice how I didn't use his Twitter name because I don't even follow him from my main account so why would I put his handle in there?

Here's his response:

So now I know he name searches himself on Twitter. Oy.

Take a moment to look at both tweets. Have you looked?


1) I was joking. 2) Wrong country? What the hell does that even mean? 3) Seriously?

Then he accused me of being a SABR person when I tried to discuss that original "2-1 winner out pitches his opponent" tweet with him somewhat rationally.

He, again, claimed I was trying to silence him. So I explained to Mr. Kay that my original tweet, the one saying that someone should get him off of Twitter, was a joke and that I usually say things like, "Donald Trump should be launched into the sun" but it doesn't mean I'm being serious about them.

He quieted down after that. But not before playing it up for some sympathy from his Twitter followers.

I know, Stacey's so mean.

The end result of the exchange was that Kay actually ended up backtracking on some of the stuff he originally said but he essentially accused me of being a troll and in a way, of bullying him.

My goodness.

The first tweet was a joke. And then he got all indignant when I tried to rationally reason with him and explain the problem I had "with the 2-1 pitching duel" tweet. What I really wanted to say was that a pitcher doesn't have control of his fielders or what they do behind him. Hello, does Andy Hawkins ring a bell? He lost a no-hitter 4-0. Some of it was his fault but there were also some errors made in that game.

Oh! Wait! I nearly forgot! Kay used the John Smoltz/Jack Morris duel as an example of what he was saying about the 2-1 game and added the tried and true, "I was at that game so I know what I'm talking about" to the tweet.

I don't know if he thought he was talking to someone really young, because my Twitter avatar is of me from 1978 when I was only four years old, but I explained to him that just because he was at the Smoltz/Morris game doesn't mean he knows more than I do because I am old enough to have watched it on TV.

To be honest, I was laughing the entire time we were exchanging our tweets. Actually, we were passive aggressively quoting tweets because when I did try to directly reply to him, he'd just quote my tweets so all of his followers could see this horrible, hateful woman attacking poor, innocent Michael Kay.

This is what drives me crazy about this whole thing. I'm not the one who has been covering baseball since the 1980's. I'm not the one with the radio show and a bunch of impressionable listeners. I'm not the one who is in the broadcast booth every night. But I sure as hell am the one who was right during last night's argument.

Kay was being silly, slightly unreasonable and was acting like a petulant child. And by the way, does he ever tell David Cone to knock off the SABR talk? I doubt it very much.

For the record, I was not trying to silence Mr. Kay. Believe me, if I had that kind of power, silencing him would have happened a long time ago. The same goes for Chris Russo, Curt Schilling, Kevin Millar, Joe Buck, and Tim McCarver. [Insert a really long, maniacal laugh here.]

Anyway, back to actual baseball things.

Alex Rodriguez, thanks to a 2-4 night with a home run, is now only 32 hits away from 3,000 and 100 home runs away from tying Barry Bonds on the all-time home run list. Oh, I'm kidding. I know he won't make it to 763. I also know that people will say, "It was a garbage time home run!" "It happened when they were down 6-0 and didn't mean anything!" Well, I beg to differ because thanks to that home run, the Yankees are still one of only three teams who have not been a victim of a shutout so far this season.

Their next opponent is one of the other teams, I think. Unless I read that tweet wrong but I think it said the Royals and Tigers were the other teams. Or maybe it was the Blue Jays and Tigers? Or the Royals and Blue Jays? I don't even remember who tweeted it. You know what? Forget it. The important thing is that the Yankees are heading to Kansas City for a three-game series this weekend and then after that, they will mercifully have a much-needed off day on Monday.

Let's hope that off day helps some of the guys who are a bit banged up right now.

Just one more thing about the Kay brouhaha and then I'll drop it. When he dismissed the SABR stuff and got pissy with me about it, even though I wasn't actually going to cite any stats, he was, in essence, accusing me of being a SABR geek which, if I'm going to be honest with all of you, was probably one of my proudest moments as a baseball blogger. I'm not even kidding. For someone to think that I rely too much on stats is really special and I feel like I've finally made it.

The next item on baseball blogger bingo is for someone to tell me to go back into my mom's basement even though we don't have one and I cannot wait!

Anyway, enjoy your Friday and if you have any funny stories about people getting mad at you for something silly, please leave them in the comments below.