Coming Soon: The IIATMS Podcast Strikes Back

That's right, folks. Stacey, EJ, and I will be back in your ears and in your hearts in the not-so-distant future. We are hoping to record this coming Monday - and we need your help. With so much time having passed since the last time we recorded, there is a significant amount of ground that needs to be covered. We've had streaks of the winning and losing variety, injuries aplenty, and a slew of surprising performances (good and bad), and we want to tackle as much of it as possible. Instead of jumping right in, however, we're asking our loyal readers and listeners to chip in with questions, all of which we shall do our best to answer. That way, we can distill our thoughts into a semi-coherent, quasi-linear fashion.

If you would like to contribute (and become very famous), you can submit your questions in three ways: 1. Right here, in this very post, in the comments section; 2. Via e-mail, at; and/or 3. Via Twitter, at @DomenicLanza, @StaceGots, and/or @ejfagan.

So what are you waiting for?