Thoughts on a day that should be an off day but isn't

You guys know the drill by now. Buckle up.

  • Seriously, what the hell kind of a schedule is this?
  • The Yankees' last off day was April 30.
  • Their next one is May 18.
  • They play the next four in Tampa because back-to-back four-game series against division rivals are really great and not annoying at all.
  • Then they head out to Kansas City for a three-gamer this weekend for one of those rare non-Divisional series.
  • They have the off day on May 18, plays the Nats for two games in D.C. and then have another off day on May 21 before starting a series at home against the Rangers.
  • What crack addict made this schedule? Seriously.
  • It's ridiculous.
  • I'd be even more annoyed if the Yankees weren't currently 20-12 and sitting atop the American League East standings.
  • Enough bitching about the schedule. How about Big Mike?
  • 46.1 innings - three walks and 54 strikeouts. Holy moly.
  • Yesterday's performance was amazing.
  • I think it would be perfectly acceptable to call him the ace of the staff.
  • And how about Jacoby Ellsbury?
  • He's currently batting .341/.415/.397/.812. That's pretty good.
  • Mark Teixeira has the strangest batting line I've ever seen: .212/.336/.567 .903 with a .356 ISO.
  • Do you know how hard that is to do?
  • He has five singles so far this season. It's as if he's allergic to them or something. I guess not hitting singles is a way to beat the shift.
  • He has seven doubles and 10 home runs - three righty/seven lefty.
  • Crazy!
  • And I'm not sure if people realize it but Carlos Beltran is finally over .200! He's now batting .210/.259/.350/.609 which isn't great at all but it's a lot better than batting .156 which is what he was batting when I went to the game on Wednesday 4/29.
  • I have to end this post because I'm seeing floaters which indicates that a migraine is coming.
  • Yikes.

Enjoy your Monday morning!