Is There Hope For Carlos Beltran?

Courtesy: Paul J. Bereswilly/ NY Post The big story coming out of yesterday's New York Yankees victory was the spectacular Mothers Day show put on by Michael Pineda, as he struck out an incredible 16 Baltimore Orioles in a 6-2 win.

However, it was no secret coming into the year that Pineda was going to be awesome if he stayed on the mound, so what he's done is really no surprise. Perhaps a bigger deal yesterday -- and so far through 10 days of May -- is that Carlos Beltran might not be dead after all.

Beltran almost homered in his first two at-bats yesterday when his first inning hit was only a few feet from going over the fence. He tied the game 1-1 with his first home run of the season in the fourth inning and walked in his final two at-bats. This was coming after a RBI single on Saturday and a big two-run double on Friday. Beltran is hitting .313/.353/.531/.884 with a 144 wRC+ so far in May.

It's only 34 at-bats, so this could all very well mean nothing. I'm not going to lie and say I had much hope for a Beltran rebirth. I figured he was done watching him in April just like everyone else.

However, it was not like it was ages ago since Beltran was really good. He got off to a very hot April last year with the Yankees before he crashed over the wall in Tampa and in 2013 he hit .296/.339/.491/.830 for St. Louis, which is why the Yankees signed him. ZIPS and Steamer projection systems both projected Beltran to be about a league average hitter this year, which the Yankees would sign up for in a heartbeat right now.

As I wrote a few days ago, the Yankees are going to need more production from hitters not named Jacoby Ellsbury, Brett Gardner, Alex Rodriguez or Mark Teixeira. Beltran not being a black hole would be a big help towards that.

He's an easy guy to root for because he wanted to be a Yankee for so long and him coming here at age 37, getting injured and possibly being done would be a sad story. Especially when the Yankees should have signed him in the 2004 winter after Beltran even offered them a discount. Having Beltran in the postseason might have gotten the Yankees an extra ring when they kept getting eliminated in Division Series after Division Series.

Hopefully, yesterday and the first 34 at-bats of May are a glimmer of hope that Beltran could be at least be around a league average hitter. Even that much would be a big boost for the Yankees to create some much needed lineup depth.

Courtesy ESPN Stats & Info