Yankees 3, Red Sox 2: A historic night for the Yankees

History was made in Fenway Park tonight. CC Sabathia made a play at first base in the sixth inning. JUST KIDDING! Though that is an amazing feat. He actually ran to cover first! HE RAN! Anyway, here's the real history:

Not only was it Alex Rodriguez's 660th home run but it was the first pinch hit home run of his career. Isn't that amazing? It was also his 25th career home run in Fenway.

His first ML hit was in Fenway on July 9, 1994:

Now, some people like Michael Kay and John Flaherty were poo pooing it on the YES postgame show but as our Vice President once said about something not baseball related, "This is a big f***ing deal." If it were so easy to hit 660 home runs, more players would have done it and if steroids alone made a player hit home runs, someone like Jeremy Giambi would have more than 52 career home runs.

Sabathia left the game with Yankees down 2-1 and Esmil Rogers picked up the win, but CC was fine tonight. He lasted six innings, gave up two runs on seven hits with three strikeouts and two walks.

Rogers, Dellin Betances and Andrew Miller combined for three scoreless innings.

As for the hitting stars, Carlos Beltran put the Yankees up 1-0 in the first inning. Brian McCann tied the game in the seventh and Rodriguez hit the game winner in the eighth.

The Yankees are now 8-2 in their last 10 games.