About Last Night: Brian McCann

Brian McCann hit a home run last night! So far, as a Yankee, McCann has hit 25 home runs and 21 of them have been hit at Yankee Stadium. Last night's long ball came in the sixth inning off Rays reliever, Brandon Gomes. Gomes started McCann off with a 73 m.p.h. slider that was low in the zone and called a strike. Home plate ump, Greg Gibson, was calling low strikes all night. Gomes came back at McCann with a ball in almost the same spot but this time it was a 91 m.p.h. fastball that McCann hit like he was using a pitching wedge and golfed it into the second deck to put the Yankees up 2-1.

As you can see below, Gibson's low strike calls left a lot to be desired all night. Gomes was pushing his luck trying to get a second one and McCann did a good job of recognizing the second pitch and being able to hit it out.

Courtesy of Brooks Baseball

This graph shows the difference in speed between the two pitches from Gomes. Again, nice job by McCann adjusting to the second pitch. Courtesy of Brooks Baseball

McCann also got a hit on a check swing in the eighth inning of last night's game. He started off by attempting to bunt and then hit the second pitch for a single. Courtesy of Brooks Baseball

And in this at bat, Everett Teaford, did the same thing that Gomes did in the sixth inning. He started McCann off with a slow pitch and then tried to dial it up for the second pitch.

Courtesy of Brooks Baseball

If it was hit a little harder it could have been a double given that the shift was on (obviously). McCann finished the game 2-4.