Thoughts following a 7-3 road trip and leading into the Subway Series

Last Friday morning, before the Yankees began their series in Tampa, I had casually mentioned in my random thoughts post that it was too soon for doom and gloom. You know, with it only being the second week of the season at that point. Anyway, I was accused of not watching the team for the past two years, not knowing what I was talking about, yadda yadda yadda. Essentially, I was made to feel silly because I thought the second full week of the season was too soon to panic. I believe I was also told that the Yankees were going to be in Tampa and then Detroit, and with the way they were playing, they could easily end up being 3-13 by the time the road trip ended. Well, it is now a week later, and it's not all doom and gloom. In fact, the Yankees are now tied for first place in the division. They also have the best run differential in the division and third best in American League. And how did that happen? They went into the Slop and swept Tampa in three games, and they won three out of four in Detroit. (The Tigers had the best record in baseball going into the series and now, the Mets have that honor. I'll get to them in a moment.) The Yankees ended up outscoring Tampa and Detroit 41-20 to finish up the grueling 10-game road trip on a very high note.

So, yes, I will happily accept your apology in the comments below. You know who you are.

Of course, all of these warm and fuzzy feelings will disappear rapidly if the aforementioned best team in baseball, the New York Mets of Flushing Queens, come into Yankee Stadium and sweep the Yankees this weekend but for now, I will be sitting here gloating a little bit because I wasn't ready to give up on the season on April 17.

  • I'll admit that I wasn't all that confident after the Yankees dropped two out of three in Baltimore. They always seem to have problems in Tampa and like I said, Detroit had the best record in baseball and were entering this past series on a bit of a roll. But, I will take a 7-3 road trip anytime.
  • Truthfully, I'm a little mad because they could have and probably should have swept the Tigers. They shouldn't have dropped that game on Monday.
  • I think it's pretty funny that the Yankees, who are entering this series 7-3 in their last 10, are going to be treated like they're awful compared to the big, bad New York Metropolitans.
  • The Mets are on quite a roll and good for them. They won their 11th straight game this yesterday afternoon against the Braves, finishing an impressive 10-0 home stand. They're 13-3 overall and they don't look like they're slowing down anytime soon.
  • They are playing well and they just so happen to be playing at the same pace as the magical 1986 team but with a lot less cocaine.
  • Cocaine was very big in the 80s.
  • This will be the first time that both teams are in first place heading into a Subway series. It's also the first time they're playing this early in the regular season.
  • I will not make a prediction because honestly, the series can go either way. But I also don't think it's as cut and dry as people seem to think.
  • Some people think the Mets are going to come in and steamroll their way over the Yankees in three games but it's very possible they could win all three by a very close margin in each game.
  • It's also possible that the Yankees could break out and score 10+ runs in one of the games.
  • I just want A-Rod to hit four more home runs during this home stand.
  • That may be too to ask for though.
  • He probably won't hit #660 until August now.
  • Sorry, Alex.
  • Hey, how about Masahiro Tanaka?
  • He probably should have had elbow surgery. Right, Dr. Martinez?
  • Tonight we get to watch Jacob deGrom vs. Michael Pineda. It should be a good game. Maybe like a 1-0 or 2-1 contest.
  • We won't see Bartolo Colon this weekend. He won yesterday.
  • Hey, how about Chris Young?
  • And Dellin Betances! He's another person people were panicking about a bit last week and now? He's dialing it up 97 and throwing strikes.
  • Is Andrew Miller the closer? He sure seems like it.
  • Tex is having a strange season so far. Most of his hits are of the extra bases variety and his BA is still pretty low.
  • Also, Ellsbury finally got an RBI! Hooray! The long national nightmare is over.

So what are your predictions for this weekend? All right, fine, I'll give you mine: