About Last Night: The offense exploded again!

So last night was pretty fun. I mean, sure, after the Yankees went up 6-0 in the first inning, it was fun. It wasn't that enjoyable to watch Detroit immediately answer with four runs of their own right away, but seeing the Yankees continue to get on base and score throughout the game and to see Adam Warren hang in there after a rough first inning was pretty great.

You know what else is pretty great? Watching the Yankees hitters work counts and not rush things when they're at the plate. It seemed like Alex Rodriguez was the only guy in the lineup who exhibited any patience at the plate to start the season and now, it feels like the whole lineup is much better at pitch selection and waiting for a good pitch to hammer.

Case in point:

Carlos Beltran had two hits last night! Both were on changeups - in the second inning, it was an 83 mph change up from David Price that he laced for a triple and in the fourth inning, he hit an 87 mph change up from Aaron Nesbitt for a single.

Courtesy of ESPN Stats and Info

Here's the triple in video form:

Now, to be fair, that was a very hittable pitch, right over the middle of the plater but considering how seemingly lost Beltran has looked to start the season, he easily could have swung right through that offering from Price. Instead, he made solid contact, split the outfielders and got Brian McCann to chug all the way home from first.

Didi Gregorius got a hit last night - a two-run double to put the Yankees up 10-4 in the fourth inning. He's been scuffling a bit so far as a Yankee, to the point where people are already declaring the trade in which the Yankees acquired him a bust. Now, how many times do we have to tell everyone that April is way too early to declare a trade as won or lost? Shane Greene is pitching really well for the Tigers and good for him. And Gregorius is struggling a bit both offensively and defensively, but give the kid a chance - and a break. You try replacing Derek Jeter and see how you do in the first month. Remember Jason Giambi's first month in pinstripes? Remember Tino Martinez's? And no, I'm not saying Gregorius is the same caliber of player, I'm just citing two instances when people wanted to chase two players out of town with torches and pitchforks only to have them turn it around.

Alex Rodriguez's bat has seemed to cool off in recent days but he did get another hit last night and his on base percentage is still above .400.

More offensive facts from the game:

  • Every starter had at least one hit last night.
  • Chris Young led the team with three.
  • Ellsbury, McCann, Beltran and Headley all had two hits.
  • Mark Teixeira and Gregorio Petit had three RBI a piece. Tex mashed a 90 m.p.h. fastball from Mike Francesa's buddy, Al Alburquerque, into the seats in right field. Petit hit a three-run triple in the first off Price.

Speaking of Price: Going into last night's game, he had allowed only one earned run in three starts. He allowed eight in two innings. In his last two starts against the Yankees, he's thrown only 4 1/3 innings total, he's given up 22 hits, 16 earned runs, has struck out five and walked four.

This is what the Yankees' spray chart looks like in those last two starts: Courtesy of ESPN Stats and Info

And this is where they like the ball - and more importantly, where Price seems to keep throwing the ball: Courtesy of ESPN Stats and Info

Too bad they can't face him all the time.

[Numbers, heat maps, spray charts and grids all courtesy of ESPN Stats and Info]