About Last Night: CC Sabathia

Last night's end result was not ideal for the Yankees. You never want to lose a game by coughing up a lead in the seventh inning no matter how slim. But while CC Sabathia did take the loss, which dropped his record to 0-3 on the season, there a few reasons to be happy with the way he pitched. He Gave The Bullpen The Night Off Sabathia pitched a complete game (eight innings on the road). He gave up two runs on seven hits, with three walks and five strikeouts. He threw 98 pitches and saved the bullpen for a night which is nice because it seems like they've been pitching way too much so far this season.

Here's how his pitches broke down courtesy of Brooks Baseball:

  • He threw 29 four seam fastballs. His average velocity was 91.2, his max was 92.5.
  • He threw 23 changeups. His average velocity was 84.8, his max was 86.0.
  • He threw 22 sinkers. His average velocity was 90.2, his max was 91.6.
  • He three 11 sliders. His average velocity was 80.8, his max was 84.8.
  • He threw 9 curveballs. His average velocity was 79.1, his max was 80.4

Courtesy of Brooks Baseball

He Had One "bad" inning Sabathia, unfortunately, fell victim to the "one bad inning" syndrome that plagues other starting pitchers from time to time. He wasn't helped by his defense and the result was ending the inning with a 2-1 deficit.

Here's the 7th inning of doom - which turned into two runs on three hits - in heat map form:

Courtesy of ESPN Stats and Info

It seems pitching over the plate was a bad idea for Sabathia:

Courtesy of ESPN Stats and Info

7th inning spray chart:

Courtesy of ESPN Stats and Info

Rajai Davis's single came on an 89 m.p.h. fastball:

Courtesy of ESPN Stats and Info

J.D. Martinez's RBI single was on an 85 m.p.h. changeup:

Courtesy of ESPN Stats and Info

Yoenis Cespedes's RBI single was on a 78 m.p.h. slider:

Courtesy of ESPN Stats and Info

The rest of the game was good!

If CC only pitched the 1st-6th and 8th inning, he would have had a shutout and a win!

Courtesy ESPN Stats and Info

All of his strikeouts were in those innings:

Courtesy of ESPN and Stats Info

He Still Has Something Left So what does all of this mean? It means that we all may have been prematurely throwing dirt on Sabathia's grave. He may not be throwing 97 m.p.h. fastballs anymore but he kept a pretty good lineup at bay for the majority of the game and showed signs that the old CC is still around: More strikeouts than walks, a lot of ground balls and a nice variety of pitches.