Random thoughts between a series sweep and a four gamer in Detroit

Happy Monday morning! (Okay I really started writing this at 10:18 p.m. Sunday night because I knew I wouldn't be able to get up early to write. Just play along.) It's actually a much better morning now that the Yankees are heading into Detroit for a four-game series 6-6 instead of 3-9. So this weekend was fun for a change. I usually dread series down in Tampa but this weekend's was a pleasant surprise. We had A-Rod putting on an offense show on Friday night, #TANAK putting on a pitching clinic on Saturday and yesterday, the offense had the leading man on base seven out of nine innings. Good stuff.

Let's hope they keep this up or else the series in Detroit will turn into a hellish ordeal. One good thing, and I cannot believe I'm saying this, is that they're not facing former teammate Shane Greene. Greene has been really good so far this season, pitching to the tune of a 0.39 ERA in three games (23 innings).

Anyway, enough of that stuff, let's get to the random thoughts!

  • I always mention how awful the Yankees play in Tampa but I had no idea, until the game ended and someone tweeted it, that they hadn't swept a series in the Slop since September 2005. That is insane. Especially when you think about how good the Yankees were between 2006-2012.
  • A-Rod is the best hitter on the Yankees right now. Sure, we're only 12 games into the season but he's hitting, he's having good at bats when he's not hitting and he doesn't look lost at the plate like most people were expecting.
  • It's fun to watch.
  • Some people who don't even like the Yankees are actually rooting for him to pass Willie Mays on the all-time home run list just so the Yankees will have to pay the bonus their rumored to be fighting against.
  • I was thrilled with Tanaka's start on Saturday.
  • Thrilled he did well.
  • Thrilled his velocity was okay.
  • And thrilled he showed a little bit of impatience with reporters asking him the same questions over and over.
  • He's learning.
  • He also seems to be snarky which I love in a starting pitcher.
  • Remember how great Mike Mussina's post game interviews were?
  • One time, he was injured during a game and I believe Suzyn Waldman asked him how he got injured and he said, "Pitching."
  • He was the best.
  • Michael Pineda didn't have his best game yesterday but he was still able to win while not throwing his A+ pitches. That's a good sign.
  • How about Chris Young's grand slam on Saturday? That was fun.
  • Still not as fun as A-Rod almost singlehandedly winning Friday's game.
  • Because it's making some people's heads explode.
  • I like chaos like that.
  • Here, I'll be bold right now. The Yankees are going to split the series in Detroit.
  • Yeah, that's not bold. Bold would be predicting a sweep.
  • I'm not totally out of my mind (contrary to popular belief).

Leave your 'bold' predictions for the Detroit series below.