Game 8 Quick Recap: Orioles 4 Yankees 3

Teix K vs BAL If you've been reading my stuff since AB4AR, then you know my theory on winning streaks.  They don't really start until you reach 3.  2 of anything in a row is not a streak.  That's just good small sample size luck.  The Yankees had a chance to start their first true winning streak of 2015 tonight in the second game of their first road series,

CC Sabathia was back on the mound for his second start, and his outing was another frustrating and familiar one.  He gave up the long ball (solo homer by Adam Jones in the 1st), he struggled to throw his fastball for much velocity or consistent command, and his lack of mobility came back to bite him on some bad defensive plays.  The Orioles put up 3 runs on 5 hits against him over the 4 first innings.

To his credit, CC did settle down and work through the next 3 innings unscathed.  He started working his changeup more and that helped him, although a Caleb Joseph leadoff triple to start off the 7th turned into a crucial 4th run for Baltimore and put a sour note on what was a pretty decent start.

The problem was that decent wasn't going to be good enough against Miguel Gonzalez.  Not on this night.  He ate the Yankee offense up in his 7 innings, setting a new career high in strikeouts with 10.  I wasn't watching, so I don't know if he was really that good or if the Yankee lineup was really that bad.  I imagine it was a little bit of both.  Mark Teixeira doubled in a run off him in the 6th.  A couple singles, a ribbie groundout, and an error gave the Yanks 2 more in the 8th and a chance for some 9th inning heroics, but they weren't in the cards tonight.  Not even with A-Rod pinch hitting.

Game Notes:

- The top 4 spots in the lineup were responsible for 4 of the team's hits, 2 of the runs scored, and both of the RBI.  Each player (Ellsbury, Headley, Beltran, Teix) had 1 hit.

- The bottom 5 spots in the lineup went a combined 2-16 with 1 R, 1 BB, and 6 K.  That ain't gonna get it done against any pitcher.

- The final line doesn't jump out again, but there were a lot of positives to take from CC's start.  He completed 7 innings, for starters.  That's pretty awesome.  He's still racking up strikeouts (7), he threw 91 pitches.  If nothing else, he seems like a much healthier pitcher than he was last year.

- Nice inning in the 8th for Chris Martin.  1-2-3, 2 more strikeouts.  He's going to keep getting regular work as long as he's pitching like that, and with some of the other problems in the 'pen right now the Yankees could use another reliable arm.  Maybe that becomes Martin in the short term.