About Last Night: Stephen Drew vs. Tommy Hunter

When Joe Girardi had Stephen Drew pinch hit for Brett Gardner, a lot of Yankee fans were questioning his sanity. And with good reason. Drew was batting .150/.182/.300/.482. After Drew deposited a 95 mph fastball from Tommy Hunter into the Camden Yards abyss for a grand slam, Yankee fans were too excited to remember that they were even complaining about the move. So how did Drew complete that feat? He didn't swing the bat until the fifth pitch of the at bat. Hunter started the at bat with a sinker* followed by a curveball: The sinker was a called strike and the curve was a ball. He then went to his fastball for the remainder of the at bat. (*One system I looked at says sinker, the other says curve. I am going with a sinker for this post.)


After seeing Hunter's fastball two times, Drew put on a good swing on pitch number five.


As you can see, it was on the upper outside corner of the zone but given that called strike one of the at bat was a little out of the zone, I actually don't blame Drew for swinging. And at least the result was good.

Here's the at bat in picture form: drewatbatTM

Here's the grand slam in video form:

Now tell me the truth. How many of you called the grand slam?

[Info and pictures courtesy of ESPN Stats and Info and Brooks Baseball]