About Last Night: The offense comes alive!

Well, we wanted (needed) the Yankees to snap out of their offensive slumber last night and by the time the first inning ended, they had seven runs on the board. The offensive outburst, which lasted most of the game and resulted in 14 runs (they only scored 17 in the previous 5 games combined), helped raise the team's slash line to .233/.318/.404/.721.

All of the starters had at least one hit, Brian McCann hit the 200th home run of his career - the fifth against the Red Sox since becoming a Yankee - and Chase Headley and Stephen Drew went yard back-to-back in that crazy first inning.

If we isolate some of last night's numbers, this is what they look like:

  • The team slash line for the game was .444/.500/.722/1.222.
  • With men on: .500/.522/.722/1.244.
  • With no outs: .688/.667/.875 /1.542.
  • With one out: .273/.333/.909/1.242.
  • With two outs: .222/.364/.222/.586.
  • Okay, so that's not good but their K rate with two outs was 0% and their walk rate was 18%.
  • Their K rate with men on was also way lower than their BB rate (which is obviously what you want to see all the time) 4.3% to 13.0%.
  • Their overall wOBA was .512.
  • Their overall BABIP was .433.

Here's last night's hit chart:


Here's the lefty hit chart (.357/.412/.679/1.090):

export (1)

Here's the righty hit chart: (.750/.800/.875/1.675):

export (2)

Some more facts from the game:

  • Red Sox starter Clay Buchholz threw six cutters last night: Brett Gardner hit one for a single, Alex Rodriguez hit one for a three-run double, Carlos Beltran fouled one off and the rest were balls.
  • They batted .474/.500/.842/1.342 against Buchholz and .412/.500/.588 /1.088 against the Sox bullpen.
  • They batted .458/.516/.583/1.099 against the fastball with a 9.7% K rate and a 16.1% BB rate.

And one last thing.

Here's how the best hitter on the team is doing so far this season. Right now, he has a slash line of .300/.417/.550/.967:

trumedia_baseball_heatmap (9)

Any guesses as to who it is? Oh you know who it is.

[Numbers and charts courtesy of ESPN Stats and Info]