Quick hit: And the hits just keep on not coming

Good morning! This is what a team-wide .193 batting average looks like in heat map form.

trumedia_baseball_heatmap (8)

The team's full slash line as of this morning (and after five games) is a horrifyingly awful .193/.280/.342/.623. Their K rate is 21.5% and their walk rate is 8.9.

And here is the team's fly ball distance grid:

trumedia_baseball_grid (3)

The balls are not going anywhere yet.

The team's best hitter is Alex Rodriguez who is batting .278/.350/.500/.850 in 20 at bats. The worst hitter is Carlos Beltran who is batting .100/.136/.200/.336 also in 20 at bats.

Is this a blip? Just a bit of an opening week sputter to start the season? Or is it something much more sinister and scary? We'll check in next week after the Yankees play some games on the road.

[Heat map, grid and numbers courtesy of ESPN Stats and Info]