Game 4 Quick Recap: BOS 6 NYY 5 (19 Innings)

Eovaldi vs BOS Is anybody awake out there?  Is anybody alive out there?  If you, I hope you're reading this.  If not, I get it.  Losing blows, losing in extra innings blows, losing in extra innings when you hit 2 game-tying home runs really blows, and losing when you played 2 games in 1 over the course of almost 7 hours really, REALLY blows.  I don't even know where to start with this one, since I dozed off sometime around the top of the 8th, so I'll just hit some bullet points.

- Nathan Eovaldi was about as Nathan Eovaldi as he's been up to this point in his career in 5.1 innings of work.  Lotta fastball heat, not a lot of good secondary pitches, lotta hits and hard contact, and a lone strikeout.  The Sox hitters were comfortable against him and they knocked him around.  That's a shame.

- The Yanks didn't get much going against Wade Miley until the 6th, and of course it was Al from Miami who got them on the board with a ribbie single.  He went 2-5 with a double and 3 strikeouts on the night.

Chase Headley in the bottom of the 9th, Mark Teixeira in the bottom of the 16th.  The Yanks had 2 instances of the most clutch hitting imaginable and it still wasn't enough to get them a win.  That's disheartening.

- The Yankees used all 7 pitchers in their bullpen for a combined 13.1 innings.  The Red Sox used 8 pitchers for 13.1 innings.  Gonna be some roster moves coming today.

- Chasen Shreve and Esmil Rogers soaked up 8 of those innings, so that's good I guess.  Rogers gave up the game-winning run in the 19th on a single, stolen base, walk, sac fly because of he course he did.  He's Esmil Rogers.

- Yanks "only" had 14 hits in 19 innings.  They had 4 guys with 2 hits apiece but nobody with more than 2.  That's pretty sucky for 2+ games.

- Speaking of which, total game time was 6:49.  And there was a rain delay and a power delay in extra innings mixed in.  If you went to that game, you got your money's worth and then some.

- 2-12 with RISP, 13 men left on base.  The RISPFail is alive and well to the start the year.

- The 2 teams get back at it in a matter of hours too.  That's going to be horrible to watch.