Friday Afternoon Linkapalooza: 4/10/15

A couple of us decided to have an impromptu brat fry in one of the company parking lots for lunch today.  The executive lot to be exact.  Set up shop right in the first 2 parking spots.  Not that we were trying to make a statement or take a stand or anything like that, but there's something satisfying about knowing you're wolfing down brats and listening to rock music in the space usually occupied by a luxury sedan.  It's one of those rare little slices of cube monkey revenge.  And the brats were good.  Now onto the links! - On Monday, Chris Mitchell of Pinstripe Pundits used actual logic, statistics, and thoughtful analysis to show why Tanaka's lower velocity shouldn't be a concern.  What a concept!

- On Tuesday, Nick Peruffo of Minor Matters had new Trenton Thunder manager Al Pedrique's media day thoughts on a variety of topics (and players) heading into the season.

- On Wednesday, Chad Jennings of LoHud mused on the possibility of Michael Pineda being the sneaky best starter in the Yankee rotation this season.  You could certainly make that case.

- On Thursday, Sung-Min Kim of RAB took a trip back in time to Yankees Opening Day 2005.  Lotta stuff has changed since then.

- John Beck of Pinstripe Alley compared the first-start approaches of Tanaka and Pineda to see how they tried to attack the Toronto lineup.

- On Friday, Enos Sarris of FanGraphs took a look at Michael Pineda's changeup from the other night.  Lotta good gifs and PITCHf/x stuff on it.  The pitch looks like it could really be something for Pineda this season.

- El duque of It Is High... mused on the rapidly growing sense of doom being pushed by the MSM.  It's pathetic, but you hopefully already knew that.

- Chris Carelli of Yankees Unscripted commented on the team's struggles to utilize the defensive shift to their advantage.

From the IIATMS team:

- On Monday, Stacey compiled and released our 2015 IIATMS staff predictions.  Feel free to bookmark that for September so you can come back and tell us how dumb we are.

- On Tuesday, Tamar previewed the 2015 MiL seasons for all 4 full-season levels.  Once again, Trenton is where it's at in terms of prospect hype.  Seems like we say that every year, doesn't it?

- On Thursday, Scott took a shot at all the stereotypical MSM player trash pieces by constructing one of his own from old recycled articles.  More power to him for having the time and the patience to do that.

- On Friday, Matt B. broke down CC Sabathia's season debut start.  You should read this if you haven't read or heard anything about last night's game yet.

Going with an old school favorite this week, the classic Dynamite Hack cover of "Boyz in the Hood".  I've been listening to some of my old iTunes playlists this week, stuff I haven't listened to or updated in close to 5 years, and it's been fun to remember what 22-24-year-old me used to be really into compared to today.  Most of those older songs have been shuffled out of my regular rotation for good, but not this song.  It's brilliant in its simplicity and I will never get tired of it.  I actually prefer this version to the Eazy-E original.

Enjoy your weekends, everybody.