Yankees News and Notes: 4/8/15

Good afternoon! Here are some links for you to read while you eat your lunch at your desk in your office because you're a dedicated worker.

  • John Harper of the Daily News is writing about Masahiro Tanaka again and I think he called out both myself and Brad in this newest article. *waves* Hi John!
  • Andrew Marchand of ESPN NY thinks that Jacoby Ellsbury isn't flashy enough for the amount of money he's being paid. Personally, I like that Ellsbury doesn't draw attention to himself. He just shows up, plays the game and goes home.
  • Don't let the headline of this next link fool you. Joe Girardi is only thinking about sitting Didi Gregorius because he was hit by a pitch and there could be swelling. With the way the headline is worded, you'd think Girardi wasn't happy with the way Gregorius played on Opening Day. Hooray tabloid journalism!
  • Aaron Boone knows how pitchers should attack Alex Rodriguez. (Not physically, just in at bats.)
  • Speaking of A-Rod, Yulieski Gourriel, a Cuban baseball star would love to play with his favorite player but of course, he can't do that yet.
  • It's that time of year again! It's time for someone to bemoan the use of statistics in baseball. This argument is so played out and frankly, boring, but I felt like I needed to link to it anyway because it's good to see both sides of an issue even if one side is the wrong side.
  • It's supposed to be cold and wet tonight so will Michael Pineda use pine tar again??? We probably won't find out anyway because the game may be rained out.

And here's what you may have missed today from our writers: