Open thread: Yanks win in D.C., Next up... The Bronx!

Yankee Stadium The Yankees won their last Spring game at Nationals Park in D.C. 4-3 over the Nats.

Chris Young provided the big hit with a two run shot that put the Yankees ahead for good in the eighth inning.

Well, okay, Stephen Drew also had a big hit - a two-run shot of his own off starter Doug Fister in the fifth inning.

Nathan Eovaldi started for the Yankees and while he wasn't great, he wasn't terrible either. Sure he gave up three runs in five innings but he did strike out six batters. He also walked three. I think he'll be fine. He's still working on some stuff.

Alex Rodriguez struck out three times and was booed. Can you believe it? He was booed on the road! What's next? Being booed at home? Oh wait...

Dellin Betances made things interesting in the ninth but got the save.

So next up for the Yankees is the home opener against the Blue Jays on Monday afternoon and it looks like it's going to be a nice day for everyone who is heading to the Bronx. The forecast is saying mid-60s and partly cloudy.

Anyway, treat this as your open thread. You really don't have a choice because that's what I'm calling it. Feel free to discuss baseball, the Final Four, etc.

Enjoy your evening.