Tales of media desperation: When an article about A-Rod isn't actually about A-Rod

Wow, the New York sports media will do anything to stir up nonsense about Alex Rodriguez. This time it's Bob Raissman of the Daily News who thinks it's very telling that Alex wasn't in the Sandlot video that the Yankees put out last week and that it somehow means that he's being alienated by his team.

Hey! You know who else wasn't in the video? Mark Teixeira. Oh, and Carlos Beltran. Are they being alienated too?

Here's how the article starts:

Anyone else wondering why Alex Rodriguez did not perform in the Yankees’ recent video re-enactment of the Babe Ruth scene from the 1993 movie “The Sandlot?”

Hmmm, not really. I saw the video and the first thing I thought about was how funny it was, not why Alex wasn't in the video. In fact, the thought never even crossed my mind.

An appearance by Rodriguez in the video would be tantamount to Yankees brass giving him their true stamp of approval and officially welcoming him back into the fold as a member in good standing. It would also further soften Rodriguez’s tainted image, placing him smack in the middle of a singular group of players the organization has left to market.

Again. Not really. I think having him do the :07 video announcing that there were 13 days left until Opening Day shows enough. Actually, the fact that he's in Spring Training, playing the game and not wasting away on the bench, shows that he's in good standing.

Seriously, as cute and fun as this video is, it shows the direction and lengths Bombers brass must go to sell players like CC Sabathia, Didi Gregorius, Dellin Betances, Jacoby Ellsbury, Brian McCann and Brett Gardner.

Can't this video be about having a little fun? The Twins reworked the entire trailer to the highly anticipated Star Wars movie as a promo for Phil Hughes' bobble head night which will be held on May 4. (May the fourth be with Hughes, GET IT?!)

Or maybe the people in charge in the Bronx are finally relaxing and trying to shed the "uptight, all business" vibe that the Yankees have had for the past, oh, I don't know, lifetime?

But seriously, are there people watching the game of baseball in 2015 who don't know CC Sabathia? He's been around for years.

Then, Raissman launches into a diatribe about how this isn't the same Yankees team as the Core Four teams where there was a mix of superstars and home-grown talent. Well, sure, there's some truth in that but let's not make it seem like this is a team filled with nobodies. Plus, some of the homegrown talent in the farm system is on the cusp of making it to the major league club by mid-season and/or next season. And thus we arrive at the real reason for the article. It was really to talk about the video and how the Yankees are marketing the 2015 team. Making it about A-Rod to begin the piece may have just been his editor's suggestion because god forbid a day goes by when the Daily News isn't writing about everything Rodriguez.

I'll just end with this question: Why can't a fun video just be a fun video?

[Big thanks to friend of the blog Craig Calcaterra who brought this piece to my attention. I wasn't around this weekend and missed it when it was first published.]