Saturday Morning Linkapalooza: 3/28/15

Anybody got anything fun planned for this weekend?  The Whole Foods in downtown Milwaukee is hosting a big beer tasting event today with 40-some odd breweries showing up to give out samples of some new stuff and free brats on hand.  It's like all of the foundation blocks of Milwaukee culture coming together at the same time.  It's like somebody read my thoughts while I was sleeping and then put an event together that satisfies many of my basic needs and desires.  A 4-hour event that basically encourages my gluttony.  Should be a helluva time.  Now onto the links! - On Monday, Derek Albin of Pinstripe Pundits searched around for some potential trade partners if the Yankees are trying to move Austin Romine.  San Diego seems like the most obvious match.

- On Tuesday, Mike Axisa of RAB previewed the different potential paths for Adam Warren and Esmil Rogers this season.

- On Wednesday, Chad Jennings of LoHud had the whole story on Masahiro Tanaka's plan to mix in more 2-seamers this season.  I get the feeling he would have done this regardless of the UCL situation.

- Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports had a fantastic piece on Didi Gregorius' defense and how he's been turning a lot of heads in camp.  Definite must-read.

- Jason Cohen of Pinstripe Alley discussed the importance of this year for Slade Heathcott, as it's his last chance to make an impact as a Yankee before he becomes a MiL free agent.

- On Thursday, el duque of It Is High... laid out a new plan for Hal to follow in building and running his franchise.  I gotta be honest, I don't hate this plan.  Helluva lot better than the wavering half-measures Hal's been taking for the last 3 offseasons.

- Wallace Matthews of ESPN NY mused on Adam Warren as a starter and his ability to pitch deeper into games.

- Enos Sarris of FanGraphs analyzed Adam Warren's performance to date to try to find some comps for him as a starter.  It's not a bad list of comps.  Lotta gifs and heat maps in this post, ton of good data.

- On Friday, Chris Carelli of Yankees Unscripted broke down the bullpen competition to predict who would get the final 2 spots.

From the IIATMS team:

- On Monday, I discussed the value in the Yankees learning their lesson from last year and cutting ties with their 1-year players early if they suck this year.

- On Thursday, Stacey looked back at Game 5 of the 2001 World Series, which came in as the #5 moment in the IIATMS Top 20 and is my second favorite baseball game I've ever watched.

- On Friday, Stacey tackled moment #4 in the countdown, Jim Leyritz's game-tying 3-run homer in the '96 World Series.

Going with a band I stumbled onto this week, Graveyard from Sweden.  They're the opening band at the Mastodon/Clutch show I'm going to in May so I figured I'd check them out, and they actually have a pretty groovy sound.

Enjoy your weekends, everybody.