IIATMS Yankee Moment #6: Jeter's Game-Winning Hit in Final Yankee Stadium Game

I don't think that I was the only Yankee fan who was growing a little tired of the Derek Jeter retirement tour last September. Jeter was a shadow of his former self, and barely limping to the end of his career. It felt a little sad to watch a once=great player be so humbled by father time. And then, he gave us all a little bit more drama at the very end.

Jeter started the game out with an RBI double. I would have been happy for that to the final hit to remember his career by. He struck out in his next at bat, then reached on an error in the 7th inning. With the Yankees in the lead and David Robertson loaded up in the bullpen, everyone was expecting Joe Girardi to ceremoniously pull Derek Jeter in the 9th inning in order to send him off with a standing ovation. Girardi did no such thing, and David Robertson proceeded to blow the save. On script, Jeter came up to the plate to a tie game in the 9th inning with Antoan Richardson on 2nd base, and the rest is history.

I was watching the game in my apartment just screaming, "No fucking way!" when Jeter walked off. Instantly, all of the disappointment of the 2014 season faded away. In a meaningless regular season game, Jeter brought the drama one last time.

The "stranger than fiction" cliche is thrown around a little too much in sports, but this was a truely unbelievable moment. This side of Lou Gehrig, Jeter's last game at Yankee Stadium has to be the best send-off of any Yankee ever. We'll miss you Jetes.