Quick Hit: What's Up With Ellsbury's Oblique?

There hasn't been a lot of new information on Jacoby Ellsbury's strained oblique since it was finally diagnosed as a strained oblique over a week ago.  The injury that we were initially told would only keep Ellsbury out for a few days was extended to a week after that diagnosis, and yesterday made it a full week without any baseball activities and no update on Ellsbury's condition. The one thing we have gotten in the last week has been Ellsbury's statements downplaying the severity of the injury and reassuring everyone that he would be ready for Opening Day.  This would be good news if it were accompanied by some kind of update on his condition or a report that he had started swinging a bat again, but it hasn't.  Via Chad Jennings, yesterday Ellsbury's assurances were accompanied by this quote:

“I guess all I can tell is just how I feel each and every day.  But until I swing a bat, until I throw, until I do really explosive stuff, that will be the real test. But it does feel better each and every day.”

That isn't exactly comforting to know that Ellsbury hasn't even tried doing anything since the injury, and all this circumstantial evidence is adding up to another instance of the Yankees trying to downplay injuries.  But I don't think it's time to break the emergency glass on this situation just yet.  Remember it was just last ST when Ellsbury missed the final few weeks of games with a calf strain and still made it back on time to start the season.  I trust that he knows his body and knows when he'll be ready to go.  That said, if he doesn't start doing baseball things by the end of this week then all bets are off.