Quick Hit: The Upcoming Rotation Schedule

The Yankees go from one big name starter last night in CC Sabathia to another tonight in Masahiro Tanaka.  His second start will be just as closely monitored and dissected as CC's first start was last night, and once again coming through the start healthy will be the primary and ultimately only important goal. As for where the rotation is heading from here, Chad Jennings had the scoop on that earlier this afternoon.  Per Chad, the upcoming rotation schedule is as follows:

Thursday- Esmil Rogers Friday- Adam Warren Saturday- Michael Pineda Sunday- CC Sabathia

Jennings also reported that Joe is committed to getting Bryan Mitchell "at least" 1 more start this spring.

So what does all that mean?  For starters, it means the replacement 5th starter competition is still alive and well and it should be.  Warren, Rogers, and Mitchell are the 3 clear candidates for the job, and I think it's fair to say that this next turn for all of them will represent the start of "results matter" time.

Sabathia coming back for his next start on regular rest is notable, if only because it seems like the Yankees would have taken the more careful approach of giving him an extra day after his first start.  With nothing beyond Sunday scheduled yet and Mitchell still reportedly in the mix, I bet Joe's going to utilize him strategically as a way to give CC and Tanaka an extra day off when he decides he wants to.  Wouldn't surprise me at all to see Mitchell get penciled into one of the next few games starting Monday around Eovaldi and Tanaka's starts to create that extra rest day.

The talking point of Sabathia or Tanaka is going to start gaining steam in the weeks to come, but right it now it appears as though the team is keeping the focus on both players' health and rest schedules rather than their order in the rotation.