Monday Morning Food For Thought: A Trade Opportunity Across Town

All in all, I'd say it's been a pretty smooth start to the 2015 season for the Yankees.  All the important players are healthy, A-Rod has been a positive in every way, and the farm system has showed why it's considered on the upswing.  The Chris Capuano injury is unfortunate, but not a mortal blow. Things haven't been going quite so well in Mets camp.  Their ownership continues to embarrass the organization at every turn, they still don't have a shortstop, they have early injuries barking in their rotation, most notably Zack Wheeler's elbow problem, and they've had even bigger injury problems in their bullpen.  The most recent one there is to lefty reliever Josh Edgin, who will have season-ending elbow surgery this week.  The Mets, who were already real thin at lefty before Edgin's injury, are now dangerously thin there with 3 weeks to go until Opening Day.

You know who's not thin in the left-handed relief department?  The Yankees.  Far from it in fact.  They're bursting with lefty relief depth.  They have Andrew Miller, Justin Wilson, and Chasen Shreve on the 40-man roster, and all 3 might break camp in the 'pen.  They also have top prospect Jacob Lindgren chewing guys up in ST and less-heralded prospects like Ty Webb and James Pazos ticketed to start the season in Triple-A.  The Yankees have engorged themselves on lefty relief depth over the last 9 months, to the point that it might be advantageous to purge some of it.

Could the Yanks and Mets pair up to help each other out here?  Surely there's something in the Mets' system that intrigues Cashman.  There is plenty of young starting pitching, which the Mets have been slow to shop but could at any time if it meant helping their team elsewhere.  The name that immediately stands out is Dillon Gee, the former starter bumped from this year's projected rotation by the return of Matt Harvey.  He's on the right side of 30 and under team control for another year, which means the Mets probably wouldn't give him up for just a lefty relief arm.  He also wasn't that great last year and his HR rate could be a problem coming to Yankee Stadium.

That's just one name and one option.  I'm sure there are other, more attractive ones there if you know the Mets system well or took the time to study their 40-man roster, neither of which I claim to know or have done.  There's also the issue of who to give up from the Yankees' side.  I'd say Wilson and Shreve are the obvious first choice chips, with Webb a sneaky 3 if there are teams out there that like him.  Miller is the new big money bullpen kid on the block and Lindgren is the next "next big thing" out of the Yankee 'pen, so they aren't going anywhere.  But this is definitely something worth pursuing if the Mets are interested in any of those lefty arms and the Yanks think they can get something of equal value back to help them.  Every little marginal upgrade helps.

P.S.- Shout out to former IIATMS great and unabashed Greg Bird fanboy Mike Eder for first turning me on to this idea on Twitter last week.  Gotta give credit where credit is due.