The IIATMS Top 20 Countdown Recap: Moments 20-14

If you're any kind of regular reader of this site, I assume you're a Yankee fan.  If you do consider yourself a Yankee fan, there's absolutely no reason you shouldn't be reading and following our ongoing IIATMS Top 20 Moments countdown.  The era covered is the most recent one, the Jeter years of 1996-2014, so the memories are fresher for all of us than they might be for moments from further back.  That said, I've picked up on some different things that I didn't notice at the time in reading and writing these posts, because I was in my adolescent and early-to-mid teen years for most of the moments.  In that respect, the countdown has been a way for me to refresh and update my memories and that's pretty cool. Before we get back into the countdown tomorrow, I'd like to give everybody a chance to catch up on any and all of the first 7 moments that we've covered.  Here, in order, are moments 20-14:

20) Roger Clemens Throws a Bat at Mike Piazza in Game 2 of the 2000 World Series - Stacey

19) Jason Giambi's Walk-Off Grand Slam vs. the Twins (5/17/02) - EJ

18) David Justice's Go-Ahead 3-Run Home Run in Game 6 of the 2000 ALCS - Stacey

17) Raul Ibanez's Back-To-Back Home Runs in Game 3 of the 2012 ALDS - Katie

16) Joe Girardi's Triple in Game 6 of the 1996 World Series - William

15) Luis Sojo's Go-Ahead Single in Game 5 of the 2000 World Series - Brad

14) Johnny Damon's Double Steal in Game 4 of the 2009 World Series - Matt I.