Home runs, strained quads and a social media freeze out

Good evening! I just wanted to talk about a couple of things that happened today.

First up, this:

I think it speaks for itself and the guy yelling, "HE GOT IT!" cracks me up every time I watch the clip. Also, notice how the crowd cheers? Yankee fans are outraged about steroids until Alex starts hitting home runs. Then they don't care.

Next up, Chris Capuano will be sidelined for a while with a grade II strain of his right quad. Capuano suffered the injury in the first inning of today's game against the Red Sox while running to cover first on a ground out. There's no definite timetable yet but he will probably start the regular season on the DL.

And lastly, the funniest thing that happened today. The home run above was not referenced on the official Yankees twitter account which is absolutely hilarious.


Oh, the Yankees were trailing 5-3 going into the 6th? Why were they trailing 5-3 and not 5-2? A-Rod's home run. And even funnier, fellow Yankee blogs River Avenue Blues and Pinstripe Alley also called them out for conveniently leaving out A-Rod's dinger.

Enjoy your evening.


The Yankees twitter account is stone cold.