The IIATMS Top 20 Yankee Moments Countdown Starts Today

So you guys remember that vote we held for the top 20 moments of the Derek Jeter era ('96-'14) a few weeks ago?  Good news, we didn't forget about that.  The votes have been tallied, the final top 20 has been ranked, the writing assignments for each individual moment have been divvied up, and we are kicking off the countdown with moment #20 today!  Like in a few hours today. Hopefully you remembered what moments you voted for.  If not, well then this whole countdown is going to be an extra fun experience for you, because I'm not listing all 20 moments here.  There has to be some drama to this, as much drama as possible when the topic is things that have already happened.  What I will do is link back to the original list of 56 nominees, because I am a kind and fair man.

Our plan is to count down from 20 to 1 with a new post on the next moment every other day or so leading up to Opening Day.  Figure that gives us enough time to balance in the appropriate amount of ST coverage and preseason analysis that we know you're expecting from us, and if something comes up that keeps you away from the internet for a few days, you won't have too much catching up to do.

So like I said, check back here in a few hours for moment #20, courtesy of Miss Stacey Gotsulias.  She's starting things off with a look back at one of the weirder moments of the 2000 Subway Series.